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Chapter 7 Of Submerged Essay

1280 words - 6 pages

When I wake, I find myself in an unfamiliar room. I sit up and glance around. There are curtains covering the windows on either side of the room, a colorful comforter over my waist, soft pillows below my head, carpet on the floor and a door ajar on the other side of the room that I take for a bathroom. It must be a hotel room. I think. The one they told me about. I glance down at myself, and I feel my cheeks beginning to redden when I see I’m in my pajamas. How did anyone undress me? And who? I get up out of bed and to the bathroom, where I see my suitcases and bags propped up against the couch next to the door. I unzip my clothes suitcase and grab some shorts, an old shirt and underclothes. When I slip into the bathroom, I see a wicker basket on the counter, holding lotions, shampoos, conditioners and body soaps, with a note. It says:
Thought you might want a ‘welcome to the group’ gift basket. You’re welcome!
Jen, Jena and Willow
P.S. Sam brought you to the hotel in his car while you were asleep and we brought your stuff to your room. He carried you, but we shooed him out and changed you and put you to bed. Hope you didn’t mind!

I smile as I read the note, then I turn the shower on hot. After taking a twenty-minute rinse, I get out and dry myself off. Pulling on the new clothes, I inhale and sigh at the new, sweet scents from the soap permeating the air. When I sit on the rug after getting changed, I slather lotion on my arms and legs and apply some perfume. I go out of the bathroom with my sleeping clothes, shove them in the suitcase and grab my bathroom bag. Ten minutes later, I have makeup on my face, my hair is brushed and sleek, and I don’t look half bad. I spot a keycard on the nightstand by my bed just as I am slipping on my sandals, and once I’m finished, I place it in my back pocket. I walk out the doorway, and just as I’m shutting the door, a voice scares me, saying:
“Took you long enough, Annie! It’s almost half past ten!”
I turn to Sam with a comeback bad enough to scare the hair off his arms when I see that he’s grinning. He leans against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest comfortably.
“Sorry.” I say tertly. “Nobody told me there was a time limit.”
“It’s okay.” He replies, standing up straight and letting his arms dangle at his sides. I see he’s wearing a button-up short sleeve shirt and cargo shorts, and for some reason, I like it. “You hungry?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah.” I say, a bit rosy in the cheeks. I’m crossing my fingers he didn’t spot me looking at him. “Where’re we eating at?”
“There’s an amazing breakfast bar here, and, you know, I think you’ll enjoy it.” Sam replies, smiling down at me. I nod, smiling at the floor. We walk the halls of the hotel for several minutes, until I get enough courage to ask what had been on my mind ever since I read that note in the bathroom.
“Sam, uh, I got a note this morning that said you carried me to my room last night. Is, um, is that true?” I ask...

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