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Chapter Six Essay

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Chapter Five
The Journey Begins

The early morning mist was just beginning to thin across the Emerald Forest when Gryldor appeared for a second time against the balcony of his tree house. Aribel followed after, moving across the floor in a silent glide to join him. She was dressed in white and pink hooded robes and looked like she had just come down from the clouds to mix with mortals. Together, they looked out to the colourful swarm of Elves and activity on the open paradise below them.
“Do you think he’s the one?” Aribel softly asked, weariness and concern in her eyes. “Do you think he’s the one Andorf spoke of?”
“I’m not sure, Aribel,” Gryldor replied. “Maybe, but we’ve been wrong before. Let’s just hope that’s not the case here,” he looked to the sky, “for all our sakes. I fear it’s only a matter of time before Jarol and his Forces discover our whereabouts. We can’t hide out here forever.”
With the whole population of the village at the foot of the tree house, there was an air of excitement as the door again opened. Jack was the first to emerge and he was now dressed in Elf clothing, a green hooded tunic, leggings and boots, and the handle of a katana sword could be seen sticking out above his right shoulder. Willow followed shortly after, and there were shocked sighs and mumbles of disbelief when she appeared out with a large bow. A quiver of arrows sat above her shoulder, and a pair of sai blades hung from her belt. Then Blaze followed after with a long bo staff fixed behind his back.
“Decided to join us then?” Willow grinned.
“Of course,” Blaze answered back. “Someone has to look out for you and this creature. Besides, would it make any sense to leave the best fighter in this village behind? I don’t think so! I just hope you can keep up!”
Jack shook his head as he made his way down the steps of the tree house. This young Elf was self-assured, confident, and annoying, but he was grateful of all the help he could get right now. At this point, he was still getting used to the sudden change in clothing. His school uniform and shoes were unsuitable for this journey, to be sure, but he suddenly found himself strutting around in what he could only see as a dress and tights, and this was somewhat embarrassing. If I do make it home, he was thinking. I really hope it’s not in this! He knew that would be a sight that the kids back in Cobblekeld would never, ever, let him forget.
It took quite a while to get through the colourful gaggle of Elves below. There were hugs and kisses, words of encouragement, and some emotional goodbyes and farewells between the departing group and the many shocked villagers. Some could only look on in utter disbelief, while others snivelled and sobbed as Jack, Willow, and Blaze, walked away out of the forest with Gryldor. In the next few minutes they were striding away out of the village, Aribel and the others waving after, Gryldor leading the way. Willow and Blaze walked in complete silence, eyes taking in...

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