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Chapter Three Essay

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Tara hurried down the administrative corridor toward the main entrance. She wanted out of the hospital, the town, the state and possibly her marriage. She pushed the heavy glass door open, unwilling to wait for the automatic door to do its job and stormed out of the hospital. On her way out, she collided with someone.
“Excuse me,” she said and pushed past without recognizing the man grasping her arms.
“Tara,” he said, holding his grip on her so she wouldn’t fall. “What’s the matter?”
She looked up at Brad Langston’s face and burst out crying. Her first instinct was to push away from his embrace, but she could no longer maintain the strong facade. She needed a shoulder to cry on and at the moment, it felt good in Brad Langston’s arms. He held her for a few moments before escorting her to a couch in the waiting-room.
“Sit down and I’ll get you coffee,” he said.
“I can’t eat or drink anything. I want to get out of here.”
He reached for a tissue from the box on the coffee table and handed it to her.
“Has something happened to Tom?”
She was unable to speak through her own sobs.
An orderly handed Brad a bottle of water. “See if this helps her.”
She dabbed her eyes with the damp tissue and attempted to thank the man. Words would not form. Instead, something unintelligible spilled from her mouth. While Brad twisted the cap off the bottle, she looked around the room to determine how much attention she brought upon herself.
When Tara did finally calm down, she told Brad about Tom’s other wife.
“Did you know?” She asked.
“I had no idea. He only spoke of you and Lilly. The pictures on display in his cubical are of your family.”
“How am I going to explain it all to Lilly?”
“She doesn’t have to know; at least not yet.”
“His other wife is pregnant,” she told him through gritted teeth.
“I don’t believe this.” Brad ran his fingers through his hair. “What the hell is wrong with him?”
“Either that or he is the most arrogant man alive.” Her cell phone rang, interrupting their conversation. She pulled the phone out of her pants pocket. “Hello?”

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