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Chapter Three And Four Essay

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Table 2
Summary of Research Questions and Data Collection Methods
Research Questions Data Collection Methods
1. How do educational games help to improve students’ retention skills?
2. How effective is the use of games in helping students to express orally correct Language Arts structure and mechanic concepts?
3. To what extent does the use of games improve students’ understanding of structure and mechanics concepts in Language Arts? • Observation, Students’ Journals, Diagnostic Assessment
• Observation

• Diagnostic Assessment, Students Portfolio, Research Journal

Ethical Considerations
In an effort to effectively conduct this research there were certain ethical considerations that had to be observed. Prior to the research process, I sought permission from the principal of the institution where I have conducted my study. The participants’ parents were also called in for a meeting to sensitize them about the research process, seeking consent for their children participation and assuring them that all information provided will be kept strictly confidential and used only for the research purposes. Participants were also sensitized about the study in order for them to have a complete understanding of the importance of the study and why it is deemed necessary. At no time within this study were the names of students or school included in the findings.
Implementation Plan
The aim of the implementation plan was to outline the procedure that was followed in conducting this study. An implementation matrix was created (See Appendix 4), which outlined the different gaming activities and methods that were incorporated during the twelve weeks period however, the contents are detailed below.
Prior to implementation, I composed the permission and consent letters and sought permission from principal to conduct the study within the classroom to which I was assigned (see appendix 1.a). The vice principal, grade coordinator and immediate staff members were informed about the action research and its goals. During the month of August, I also prepared the backward design (see appendix 2) and gathered relevant material, research/design and create games as well as composed the diagnostic assessment. Additionally, during that period I visited the classroom to create an environment conducive to learning.
At the beginning of week one (September 2-6, 2013), I met with the participants and their parents/guardians and sensitized them to the program. Letter and consent forms were also given to the parents/guardians to sign for authorization of the child to participate in the study (See appendix 1.b).Throughout the week students were engaged in numerous community building activities as well as a diagnostic assessment was administered to ascertain the students’ levels, strengths and weakness. On the Friday of that same week students were placed into ability groups and were given relevant materials to create their portfolios.
During the second week of the research...

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