Chapters 16 20 Questions And Answers

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1. What does the turnout of spectators for the trial suggest about the residents of Maycomb?
Everyone goes to Maycomb on the day of the trial so they can see the trial.Nothing this big usually happens in Maycomb, so everyone wants to experience it. Usually trials like this (blacks vs. whites) are settled more quick because they can't find an attorney to defend a black person like Atticus is defending Tom.
2. What does Atticus try to establish through Heck Tate’s testimony?
Atticus attempted to make through Heck Tate's questioning was that, considering his disability, Tom Robinson could not have harmed Mayella Ewell in a way that would have resulted in her sustaining the injuries observed by Tate.
3. Give several qualities that contribute to Bob Ewell’s character (Chapter 17).
We learn that Mayella Ewell is probably an abused young girl who is forced to take care of the rest of her siblings while their father is away each day. The family is poor and uneducated.
4. What does Mayella’s testimony add to the case? Consider her life and her behaviour.
Mayella's testimony proves how lonely her lifestyle is since she is low in society, and even shows that Bob does beat her sometimes when he has been drinking.

5. What is the purpose of Atticus’ final remarks to the jury? What is the target of Atticus’ final plea?
Atticus is telling the jury that they know Tom Robinson is innocent, and they should not convict him just because he is black. He is reminding them that racism pervades Maycomb and society, but they do not have to give into it. In short, he is not condemning them- he is condemning racism.

Chapter 21
1. Why is Jem so sure that Tom Robinson will be found innocent and why does Atticus not seem to share Jem’s optimism?
Jem believes that the evidence presented in the case clearly demonstrates Tom Robinson's innocence. He is correct in this view. It is for this reason, rational as it is, that Jem believes Atticus will win the case. Jem is not sufficiently "realistic", despite his rationality, to predict the verdict.
2. Provide two ways that the black community show their respect and appreciation for what Atticus attempts to do for Tom Robinson.

The black people of Maycomb shower Atticus with gifts of food to show their appreciation for his act of defending Tom at the trial. They do this almost as soon as the trial has ended. Also before Before Tom Robinson’s guilty verdict, they welcome Scout and Jem who are Atticus’ children into their church when Calpurnia brings them to a service. 

Chapter 22
1. Why does Jem cry as the children leave the courthouse?

Jem is crying and angry because he thought that the case was clearly in Tom's favor. He didn't think Tom would be convicted.

2. What does Atticus mean when he says, “this is their home; we’ve made it that way for them, they might as well learn to cope with it”?

This is after the huge injustice of the trial. Even though Aunt...

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