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Starting from the midterm there have been many topics in class that have been talked about. These topics range from nonmarital sexual behavior all the way to the future of the family system. These are all the most important topics from chapter eight to chapter fifteen.
Chapter eight starts off the most important topics with the social dimensions of sexuality, these are the social network theory which is “the sexual dyad embedded within larger networks of social relationships”(Eshleman & Bulcroft, 2010, p. 317). There is also the choice theory and scripting theory which they are “focusing on sexual decision making and how individuals choose what to do and what we perceive to be sexual and ...view middle of the document...

Chapter ten has three topics that are important: the value of children, young and unwed parenthood, and family size and related factors. The value of children is an important topic as it talks about many different things like pronatalism and two theories: uncertainty reduction theory and parental investment theory. Pronatalism was used in pre-industrial societies and the theories are used in modern times. Young and unwed parenthood is another topic that is important, the reason why is that there are many concerns about people that become young parents and what will happen to their children when they grow up. The last important topic in chapter ten is family size and related factors. This is an important topic as it tells about how there are effects of family size on all members of the family, about birth order and sibling relationships, and how sex control can sometimes take over when people are thinking about beginning a family.
The topics in chapter eleven that are important are models of good parenting, parenting styles and child outcomes, and single parenting. Models of good parenting are a good topic to discuss as there are always some typical ideals that people have of a family. There are ways for parents to handle children and the models tell of some different ways to be able to handle children. Another topic, parenting styles and child outcomes is a good topic to discuss as it discusses parent-child attachment and parenting styles which includes corporal punishment, this is “the use of physical force (including spanking) for the purpose of correction or control of a person's behavior” (Eshleman & Bulcroft, 2010, p. 429). Single parenting is the last topic of chapter eleven and this is just talking about mothers as single parents, fathers as single parents, and how they take care of parenting.
Chapter twelve's topics are about the grandparent status, common problems of people who are aged, and socialization in later life. Grandparent status is a good topic to discuss is because a lot of people are becoming grandparents younger in modern times and it just tells of things that happened with grandparenthood over the years. Common problems of people who are aged is another topic as most people in this age do not want to take care of the older people in their family. Also that there are problems for the children of these people, there is the dilemma of income and standard of living, and abuse and neglect. The last major topic in chapter twelve is important as it shows that people still need to socialize when they are not just growing up but when they are getting older as well.
Chapter thirteen is all about family crisis and social policy. The major concepts in this chapter are made up of many different components, the major concepts in chapter thirteen are social stresses on families and violence in families and among intimates. Social stress is a major concept as there are many things that can stress out a person pretty easily,...

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