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A tragic character is someone who experiences misfortune in courtesy of poor judgment, fate or a conflicted personality. In the tragedy, Antigone, there is a heavy debate over whether Antigone or Creon is the tragic character. Creon can be classified as the tragic character of the play because he has been affected the most due to his decision of sentencing Antigone to death. For instance, a fight emerges between the king and his son, Haimon, as a result of his harsh punishment. Also, he lets his pride get in the way which triggers the suicide of Haimon and his wife, Eurydice. By the end of the tragedy, Creon is forced to live through the painful death of his family, thus being the tragic character because he suffered the most.
Creon is the tragic character of Antigone because his pride blocks the path of him being wise. He sentences his niece, Antigone, to death because she has buried her brother, Polynices, whom Creon considers a traitor. This leads to an argument to his son, Haimon, who is also Antigone’s fiancé. Haimon disagrees with his father and believes that Antigone should not die because she was only following the divine laws by burying her brother. However, Creon still remains stubborn and disagrees with his son since he believes Antigone should be punished for disobeying the ruler’s law. In return, Haimon says “The city would deny it to a man” (2. 3. 102). He explains that the people of Thebes disagrees with his father regarding Antigone’s punishment and considers her honorable. Unfortunately, the citizens fear Creon and they’re helpless in this situation. This leads Creon to get enraged at his son and his mind is still set on executing Antigone. Haimon responds by saying “Not here, no: She will not die here, King. And you will never see my face again. Go on raving as long as you’ve a friend to endure you” (2.3.132-134). Haimon also gets angry and states that his father shall never see him again. If Creon listened to his son’s choice of words carefully, he could’ve changed his mind about Antigone’s fate and wouldn’t be affected by the impending misfortune. Creon eventually lets his guard down and agrees to set Antigone free after encountering the blind prophet Tiresias and the Choragos, but his niece has already taken her own life by the time he changed his mind. “Haimon. Haimon is dead; and the hand that killed him is his own hand” (2. Exodus. 17-19). Distraught by Antigone’s death, Haimon has committed suicide, and Creon loses his only living child to death as a result of his actions. Furthermore, this event triggers the suicide...

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