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Character Analysis In Shoeless Joe Jackson

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“If you build it, he will come” (Kinsella 1). These words of an announcer jump start a struggle for Ray Kinsella to ease the tragic life of Shoeless Joe Jackson. Ray hears a voice of an announcer which leads him to build a baseball field that brings Shoeless Joe Jackson onto the field. However, this field puts his family on the verge of bankruptcy which is just one of the struggles Ray Kinsella is presented in his life. Shoeless Joe Jackson is no stranger to having no money, as he was only making a measly $1.25 as a kid struggling to support his family. He never attended school and was illiterate throughout his entire life. The struggle is completely the same with Ray Kinsella growing up, as he is forced into baseball, which ultimately makes him run away from home. Ray’s hate is Joes love. Joe loves baseball and makes it to the major leagues, but it doesn’t last. Joe’s career is cut short due to the fact he is accused of throwing the World Series, and banned from baseball forever. Rays’s father would have loved it if his son made it to the major leagues because he thought Ray had the potential and talent. However, his only dream was simple, he wanted to play a game of catch with his son, unfortunately, he passed away and he never got to see his son after he ran away. Shoeless Joe Jackson’s death wasn’t any better, as he died guilty of throwing the World Series which was the biggest sports tragedy to date. Tragedies are not uncommon phenomena, Ray Kinsella and Shoeless Joe Jackson have the unfortunate luck to go through a struggle fulfilled and uphill battle in what is suppose to be a wonderful thing, life.
Ray Kinsella is a hopeless dreamer and when he hears the voice of an announcer he goes to make a baseball field in his yard. He and his family are already short on money and by making this field he spends all the money that his family has. “Ray, what are we suppose to do for money? This field is going to take away everything we own. Think of our daughter Ray” (Kinsella 14). One big reason Ray builds the field is because Ray is having an internal conflict with himself because he doesn’t know who he has become. Ray is trying to rediscover himself, but it causes many problems in Ray’s life. The field brings no income and his family is on the verge of bankruptcy. He cannot seem to afford the simplest necessities in life, like food, clothing, and shelter. As more and more voices of the announcer keep appearing, Ray is led to believe there is a bigger meaning to building a field in his yard. This leads Ray to travel the country for clues which leads to more economic blows in his life.
After the field is built the ghost of Joe Jackson arrives. Joe Jackson is someone who is not new to poverty. Growing up Joe decides not to go to school, and stay to help support his parents and his eight other siblings. He was doing jobs around his plantation that people twice his age were not even doing, with all that, his entire family only made $1.25 a day. There...

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