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Character Analysis Of Brutus

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, was a famous play written by William Shakespeare in 1599, and discusses the events before and after the assassination of Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus, a key character who is highlighted throughout the play, is first introduced to us as a friend of Julius Caesar and Cassius. Brutus seems very shy, introverted, yet very intelligent and always thinking. As the play progresses, Brutus’s character develops as we learn that he is very noble, intelligent, and loyal. Brutus is a man of great integrity, with many hidden sides to him. He may seem like a simple senator in the Roman Republic, but he is more than that. He is an important husband, powerful military leader, ...view middle of the document...

Brutus was a very honorable man in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. His actions were always based on reason and thoughts, not just on feelings. Antony describes to us how Brutus was truly an honorable man who had reason behind everything, when he said, “This was the noblest Roman of them all. All the conspirators save only he Did that they did in envy of great Caesar; He, only in a general honest thought And common good to all, made one of them.” (Act V, Scene V, Lines 68-72). He was widely respectable in Rome and sincere. Brutus never acted out of jealousy, but always for the better of his fellow friends and citizens of Rome. The citizens applauded Brutus’s actions and thinking as they cried, “Bring him with triumph home unto his house,” (Act III, Scene II, Lines 43). Brutus explained to the citizens that the assassination of Julius Caesar was due to his ambition, and that Brutus truly wanted to keep the citizens away from slavery. Brutus wished for the best for Rome and killed Caesar because this is what he felt was his responsibility. He wanted to keep the successful Roman Republic going, and not let Caesar become an absolute ruler. After the assassination, we being to see how Brutus is very patriotic.
Brutus is one of the most patriotic characters in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. We see throughout the play that Brutus’s intentions of achieving power through the assassination of Julius Caesar was all for the best of all people. Brutus reaffirms this when he tells the people, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (Act III, Scene II, Line 20). Brutus always acted with reason, and not for jealous reasons. He loved liberty and strived for that throughout the whole play. With Brutus, every action that he made was justified and well thought out. In his soliloquy to the people, he assured them that there was no personal cause to attack Caesar. In the beginning scenes of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Cassius constantly persuades Brutus to participate in the killing of Julius Caesar. Cassius is constantly asking Brutus questions to make him go against Caesar, but Brutus replies, “Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius.” (Act I, Scene II, Line 63). Brutus is obviously hesitant at first to kill his own friend, Julius Caesar, but knowing that the future Roman Republic is at stake, he decides to join the conspirators. With Brutus’s patriotisms, we also see this conflict between his loyal, trustworthy, and honest side.
Brutus was a loyal friend to Caesar, Cassius, and his other comrades. Brutus had a very close relationship with Caesar before the plan to kill him was even thought of. Before Brutus killed Caesar, he explained to the other conspirators how he wanted to kill him. He wished he didn’t have to kill him, or at least kill him like he was a noble man. Brutus explains this to the other conspirators when he said, “Let’s kill him boldly, but not wrathfully; Let’s carve him as a dish fit for the gods.” (Act II, Scene I,...

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