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Character Analysis Of Harry Potter

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In the novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J.K Rowling introduces her main character, a 11-year old British wizarding student, Harry Potter. Harry is described to have jet-black hair, green eyes, and to be pale, skinny, and bespectacled. While Harry was still and infant, he was responsible for the downfall of a dark and powerful wizard, as a result his name is known to everyone wizarding world. In the novel, despite all the fame and admiration he has, Harry only recently finds out he is a wizard, and that he is famous. Therefore Harry feels burdened and insecure with all the attention he is receiving, and at the end of the novel, he proves himself to be an incredible wizard. Throughout the novel we learn Harry is brave, curious and modest.

Firstly, bravery is something Harry shows throughout the book. One of his first acts of bravery was when he battled a full grown mountain troll, which was something ‘not many first years could have taken on…” (194). Also, near the end of the novel (315), Harry faced his nemesis, the man who murdered his parents and tried to kill him as an infant: Voldemort. Not only did Harry face Voldemort, but he foiled his malicious plans once again, and survived to tell the tale. Notably, even the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, awarded Harry sixty points for Gryffindor for showing “… pure nerve and outstanding courage…” Albus Dumbledore is a distinguished warlock in the wizarding world, so if Harry was described to be courageous from a renowned wizard, than Harry must have shown a great deal of fearlessness.

Secondly, we learn early in the book that Harry is curious. The first rule established by the Dursley’s for Harry was ‘Don’t ask questions-‘ (27). Naturally, after being forbidden to ask questions for most of his life, he develops a curiosity about everything he...

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