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Character Analysis of Mercutio Mercutio is always bursting with energy and his speeches are full of
extravert ideas. He is very extravagant and wild. All the attention is
drawn to him, he brings out the humor in most situations. Shakespeare
uses Mercutio to divert the attention to him and to enlighten the
scenes causing it to be taken light heartedly. Mercutio is Romeo’s
best friend, he is very loyal to him and neutral to the feud . He
over shadows Romeo because he is so engaging. His death launches the
final tragedy snowball.

He seems to take neither life nor death seriously . He is very vibrant
and full of energy. He takes everything as a joke. He is constantly
joking at other peoples expense but tends to bring the humor out of

‘You are a lover; borrow cupid’s wings’. This demonstrates that he
doesn’t even seem to take love seriously. He is implying that Romeo
should borrow Cupid’s wing which indicates how sarcastic he is.

‘If love be rough with you be rough with love’. This reveals how
cynical he is towards love. The notion of love amuses Mercutio. He has
a down to earth view of love which revolves around physical passion.
His profane view of love emphasizes the strength and purity of Romeo.
We are attracted to his character because he is so captivating and

He has a very vivid imagination. His brilliant imaginative language
contrasts sharply with hat of his melancholy friend Romeo. He loves
the sound of his voices. His words are uncontrollable. Romeos says
’will speak more in a minute then he would stand in a day. This
conveys how talkative Mercutio is. His imagination is shown in the
Queen Mab speech which he perform actively. Mercutio says dreams are
inhabited by the fairy Queen Mab and Romeo is enchanted by her. The
dreams he talks about are full of bizarre examples of wishful thinking
and vain fantasies. Mercutio is trying to tell Romeo that dreams are
just a fantasy. That dreams are just a figment of our imagination. He
makes a mockery of dreams making dreams seem so surreal. Mercutio
performance of dreams is quite emotional.

‘ I talk of dreams which are the children of an idle brain’. It...

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