Character Analysis Of Shakespeare's Hamlet (Hamlet, Claudius, And Ophelia)

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Within the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, there are many famous quotes, like the famous, "To be, or not to be: (III, i, 56*)" soliloquy by Hamlet, and also many famous characters that lots of people today recognize without knowing the whole story. The play revolves around the main character, Hamlet, who is trying to get revenge on his uncle who killed his father to become king. Hamlet and his friend, Horatio, are the only ones who know about the murder because the ghost of Hamlet's father, Old Hamlet, came one evening and spoke to him about it, saying that he was drifting in purgatory because he was murdered without confessing his sins, and to also get revenge on Claudius, Hamlet's uncle and new king. Quickly after Old Hamlet's death, Claudius marries Hamlet's mother, and old queen, Gertrude. Hamlet is very despondent with the situation and is determined to get revenge on his uncle, but can't get his chance to kill him. Hamlet's patience slowly dwindles when foils to his character, Laertes and Fortinbras, attempt to take their revenge on the murderers of their fathers; he sees that two others can do it and wants to be like them. Throughout the rest of the play, Hamlet acts crazy so Claudius can't dispose of him first, and so he can get close enough to kill him. Claudius' friend, and advisor, Polonius, believes the reason to Hamlet's insanity is because of rejection from his daughter, Ophelia. In the end, Polonius spies on Gertrude and Hamlet, who stabs him through a tapestry, thinking it was Claudius, and Claudius makes one last effort to get rid of Hamlet, by making him battle Laertes with a poison sword and later poisoning his drink. However,_________________________________________________________________________________________________________* Line number from following: Shakespeare, W. (Ed: Hubler, Edward) . (1963) . The Tragedy of HAMLET Prince of Denmark (New Revised Edition). New York: Penguin Group.Gertrude accidentally drinks from the poison cup, which kills her, and both Laertes and Hamlet get scratched by the poison-tipped sword, leading to their death. Although, before he dies, Hamlet runs Claudius through with the sword and kills him. Throughout the progression of the play, you can see major changes in most of the characters. However, I believe that Hamlet, Claudius, and Ophelia are the most significant. In the following pages, I will analyze Hamlet and how he turns from mournful to vengeful, Claudius and his overpowering greed for the throne, and Ophelia and her reasons for insanity.Hamlet changes a lot throughout the course of the play. In the first scene that he is in, he seems to only be mournful for the death of his father and upset over the fact that his mother married so quickly. He seems to have hardly any hatred for his uncle, Claudius. However he seems very self-absorbed and oblivious to the outside world. He appears to not care about the security of Denmark and the fact that Fortinbras is creating an army. He...

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1655 words - 7 pages Cited Brown, Heather. "Gender and Identity in Hamlet: A Modern Interpretation of Ophelia." Westminster College A Private Comprehensive Liberal Arts College in Salt Lake City, UT, Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Liberal Arts and Professional Programs, including Business, Nursing, Education and Communication. Westminster, n.d. Web. 18 Mar. 2014. "Hamlet By William Shakespeare Character Analysis Ophelia." Hamlet: Ophelia

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