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Character Analysis: Phoenix Jackson

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The mythological story "A Worn Path” is of tales and figures, the most considerable, being the legend of the phoenix. There are numerous symbols and allusions brought about in the story relating to the legend of the phoenix. The phoenix is a bird that comes from Egyptian mythology. The best analogy of the phoenix is a magnificent bird. The phoenix has astonishing powers. It has the knack to materialize and vanish in the blink of an eye. The myth states the phoenix travels to the sun. The sun gives the phoenix it powers. The heat incinerates the bird. The bird is reborn from the ashes. From her name along with appearance to her action and the symbolism throughout the story, Phoenix Jackson is the manifestation of the phoenix (bird).
Phoenix's name is obviously the indicator that symbolizes what she represents. The phoenix gives the feeling of hope, security, and promise. Its mission is to protect the weak and banish the evil. Phoenix's objective was to acquire medicine to rid her grandson of his suffering. Phoenix's looks portray her resemblance to the phoenix. The introductory of the story, Phoenix is portrayed adhering "golden color underneath her skin. The two knobs of her cheeks intensified with a yellow burning under the dark" (Welty, par. 2). Welty further explicates Phoenix's hair bound back in a "red rag" (Welty, par. 2). These likenesses are not a coincident. The phoenix from the ancient Egyptian legend portrayed having an exquisite red and gold plumage (Saunders, par. 6). In addition, Phoenix's eyes are said to be "blue with age" (Welty, par. 1). This anecdote is one of many that shares hints of her oldness. The phoenix a bird that matures to an extreme age before it bursts into flames and reborn from the ashes. Welty additionally applies several peculiar contrasts. She describes Phoenix's skin as possessing a pattern comparable to no other. The wrinkles in her forehead formed the pattern of the branches of small tree (Welty, par. 2). The illustrations described the age of the character. Phoenix show convincing indications to the legend of the phoenix. There are numerous instances demonstrating the instincts of an animal. In one analogous, she is crossing the water. She shuts her eyes depending on her instincts to safely cross. Phoenix would be lost if she had not questioned her perception. Her instincts guided her to safety. This phenomenon of surviving by instincts is disclosed in many animals. There instincts rarely lead those animals astray. The phoenix journeys to the city of Heliopolis to cure itself, bursting into flame and reborn from the ashes. Phoenix Jackson makes a journey to the city of Natchez to acquire a cure for her afflicted grandson. The trip appears to revitalize the life of the woman. To establish, connection of Phoenix to a phoenix the narrator described Phoenix as a woman of old age. The narrator placed emphasis on the color of Phoenix eyes (blue with age). The character is described walking...

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