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Character Animation Report

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Character animation is something I have wanted to do for ages and would like to do in the future. So when this assignment came around I was rather looking foreword to it. I did not however see that we had to model, rig and weight the character. I thought we were given a character and told to animate it. I did not mind the idea of having to model a character. Rigging was a new area for me never did it before so I was looking foreword to giving that ago.

The character was decided during 5-minute drawings, I rather liked this. Having a fixed time to design a character was good. I came up with a skinny lawyer who is very posh and proper. He had a bowler hat and a cane signifying that he was a ...view middle of the document...

Somebody help me: With Thomas being fired he leaves the elevator before his trouser leg is caught in the door as it’s closing. He then struggles as the elevator begins to go up and he is pulled up. All the while he is begging for someone to help him.

Losing the plot: After being trapped and freed from the elevator he then begins to lose it by jumping up and down. Losing the plot while in the office lobby floor.

Drowning sorrows: He is then at the pub drowning his sorrows after a terrible day. Leading up to him falling on the floor from being to drunk.

All of these actions flow showing the character’s day going from bad to worse. The reason I wanted them to flow was to tell a story along with animating the character. I choose theses actions to show the ultimate bad day for an average person.

Before I began modelling I took a number of primary references. This was so I could see first hand what the character would look like during the chosen situations. I also took a number of facial poses this was so I could use during the rigging stage for the blend shapes. They did come in real handy it was a shame the model was not good enough to mirror the poses.

Modelling is something I always look forward to and is something I can spend hours doing. Unfortunately I left the modelling later than I should of so the model did not turn out the way I wanted it. The main body, legs and arms were fine on the model.

I had a problem modelling the head trying to get it the right shape. I tried to follow the t-pose I had drawn to as much as I could see. It was then the process of trying to make it curve around so it looked smooth.

When I modelled the nose it was done rather quickly I found it easy to model. When it came to the eyes I had trouble getting the right shape. I could of spent hours on end trying to get the eye right. However I needed to move on to the rigging so I had to leave them the way they were. This was exactly the same for the characters mouth I think this was down to bad topology.

When it came to the hand I struggled with modelling the thumb. After watching a number of tutorials I was able to get the hand to somewhere near decent enough.

Rigging was something I had never done before so instead of using the humanIK I decided to do it from scratch.
The making of the characters skeleton was fine I had done it before. After the skeleton was made it was on to rigging. Following the step-by-step guide I began parenting controls to individual joints. This all worked well there was no problem I had made my first rig.

Then I had a problem rotating the chest control. Where the body would go in an opposite direction to that of the control.

It turned out I had parented the controls in the wrong order so that was then fixed. What I did not like was the weighting I could not do it. Every time I thought I had weighted a joint perfectly I hadn’t. As when I moved the joint it would begin to drag a different...

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