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Character In Life. Essay Contest.

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Character is literally defined as the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. In a sense I do completely agree with this statement, but I personally, would define it as something else. Character, to me, is who a person really is and what they want to become. Good character separates the successful and the unsuccessful, the good from the bad, and the righteous from the non-righteous. It is character itself who shapes the person and who they will become.I believe that I have certain characteristics to become a successful person and something I truly dream to be. However not perfect, I do have many traits that stand out and make me the girl I am today and the woman that I will soon become. Of the many different aspects, I feel that school and ambition towards learning is something that I take great pride in. I have always felt that trying hard in school and getting good grades would help me succeed in life. Now, I can see all the hard work paid off. Hours and hours of time have been spent invested into school, even passing up other social events and functions. I would have never made it without the help and support of my family and friends.Inside and outside of school I am the same person. I am well-liked and a great friend. I stay out of trouble and live the ideal life of a teenage girl. I go out with my friends and love to have a good time, yet I know...

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Oedipus complex in the life of the main character as reflected in D.H. Lawrence sons and lovers

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649 words - 3 pages skin has a rosy color over her cheek bones. Emma's hands were a little pale and also had rough knuckles. Emma has brown eyes but seems black because of her long eyelashes. Emma's lips were full and her hair was fine and black; her hair was pulled down from the center that followed the curve of her skull. Emma early in the story marries a man named Charles Bovary in search of a passionate and romantic life in which she wants to get married "at

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