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The Crucible was the turning point in literature and in history. It showed how people were convicted with only a minute amount of evidence. The only thing that would have caused a person to be convicted was if people went into hysterics. However, for someone to be accused of using witchcraft, someone else has to say he or she had seen them practicing it or they were the only person who could see it. The trials caused some of the characters to learn new attributes about themselves. Elizabeth Proctor is more reserved. John Proctor, on the other hand, is more prideful; whereas, Reverend Hale is more confident. These three characters go through their own personal journeys and uncover the person within them beneath the surface, which in turn broadcasts their true identity to the audience.
Elizabeth Proctor is a reserved Puritan woman, who has both positive and negative qualities. She is a loyal and honest wife. She also steadfast and true; which makes her a bit shallow. However, she has adequate reasoning to feel this way. Her husband had recently performed the action, which breaks the sacred vows of marriage: an affair. The line, “Suspicion kissed you when I did; I never knew how to say my love. It were a cold house I kept.” shows her inner vulnerability and inquiry about herself. She shows that deep within her she knew all along that John’s adultery wasn’t completely his fault. By acknowledging her weaknesses, fears, and faults, she finally forgives John for what he’s done.
John Proctor was a kind many in many different ways. However, when he is aggravated, he will get irate. That is one of his imperfections, his temper. If a friendly conversation did not work, then he would start shouting and sometimes even was physically violent. Nevertheless, he still remains a compassionate character because his anger is triggered by the unjust society around him. He takes vanity in his farm and his community. He is an independent man, whose sense of religion and communal spirit has started many public contributions. His self-esteem has set him apart from the other occupants of the town. He is the type of man who will always say what is on his mind when he sees righteousness not being served. Even though he is prideful, he has committed a sin that made him lose his wife’s trust. He had cheated on his wife with a seventeen year old girl, and he would not confess to anyone, other than his wife, that he committed this crime. There are instants when he lets his rage get the best of him, “I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face! And it is my face, and yours.” Even though he has his own flaws, which make him human, without them, he would not be...

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