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Character List For "The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers"

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Aragorn (Strider): a member of the Fellowship, who travels with Gimli and Legolas, eventually joining forces with Gandalf, who gives him the palantír.Éomer the Marshal: the leader of the Riders of Rohan and son of Éomund. He is faithful in his service to Théoden and he destroys the orcs that he finds.Eowyn: Eowyn is the daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn. She appears in the story as Aragorn is preparing to ride towards the Paths of the Dead. As Eowyn has fallen in love with Aragorn, she is heartbroken, fearing his death. Though she is forbidden to join in the battle, she disguises herself as a ma and taks the name "Dernhelm," leaving Rohan and heading for the battle at Gondor. As "Dernhelm," she rides with Merry and both are wounded in valiant battle. Eowyn's disguise is uncovered and she is sent to the Houses of Healing, for her wound is serious. At the Houses of Healing, Eowyn becomes acquainted with Faramir, who is also injured. They are ultimately married.Faramir: the brother of Boromir. He offers assistance to Frodo and Sam and in a moment of temptation, he stays true to his word and he refuses to steal the Ring.Frodo: Frodo is the central figure of Book Four and he is the keeper and bearer of the Ring until the final chapter of The Two Towers. Frodo is the hobbit (halfling) who has the present duty of escorting the Ring to the Cracks of Doom where it may be destroyed. Frodo is accompanied by Sam and also Gollum, for a while, and at the end of The Two Towers, Frodo has made his way to the very boundaries of Mordor but he is wounded by Shebol and Sam leaves him, fearing that he has died. At the end of The Two Towers, Frodo is still drugged when he is seized and imprisoned by orcs.Gandalf: a wizard who plays a major role in the trilogy. Gandalf the Grey died in a battle with the Balrog near Khazad-Dum. Gandalf has resurrected from the dead however and he now has even more power as Gandalf the White. He leads part of the Fellowship on a separate course than the one upon which Frodo and Sam journey. Notably, Gandalf also deposes Saruman as the most powerful of wizards and he breaks Saruman's staff. At the end of Book Three, Gandalf rides with Pippin, towards Minas Tirith.Gimli: an axe-wielding dwarf who is a member of the Fellowship.Gollum (Sméagol): the deceitful creature from whom Bilbo Baggins first took the Ring in The Hobbit. In The Two Towers, Gollum continues to stalk Frodo and Sam (as he had in The Fellowship of the Ring). Gollum is tamed by Frodo, the master of the Ring, and Gollum is temporarily obedient and he leads Frodo and...

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