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Character More Powerful Than A Locomotive: Looks Like A Job For Superman

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"Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!", and he may be more like us then you would ever believe. Although he may be one of the greatest comic book character of all time, his character seemingly attributes to our goodness and righteousness. Superman stands for everything that the American dream is about. Upholding truth, justice, and the American way, Superman is a men among men. Is this enough to make Superman stand out among other Superheros? Sure, he's faster than a speeding bullet, and can jump buildings in a single bound, but honestly, in the world of imaginary, who can't? I believe that it is something bigger than just Superman, in fact I think that Clark Kent, Superman's alter-ego, was just as important and monumental than Superman himself. Superman is the embodiment of everything someone should be; he was smart, athletic, and courageous, but more importantly he lives for the American ideal, and although my character is not the same I still strive to be more like him, and a better person.They don't call him "The Man of Steel" for nothing. This fictional character and Superhero, who appeared first in June of 1938, later became the most popular and well-known comic book icon of all-time. Every little kid wanted to have the life of Superman. He helped to instill ideals that make us want to do right and to help others. His superpowers are what every child and teen dreams about, and besides, who wouldn't want to get up and fly away from a bad date?Clark Kent was originally adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. As he grows up, he discovers that he possesses superhuman powers. Many people believe that he is Superman disguised as Clark Kent, but I believe that he is Clark disguised as the other. This is because, culture is what makes someone. The way you are raised, and the ideals that are taught to you, eventually and inevitably become you. Much like the way that Superman has molded me, modern culture has molded Clark Kent. This is why I think Superman is more Clark Kent than the Superhero inside of him. Clark is a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. Where he works alongside Lois Lane, his romantic involvement throughout the comics and movies. He influences me through his actions, and less by his beliefs. He is a hard worker that requires little recognition and even less popularity. It also taught me to never judge a person, by there exterior. Just imagine blowing off someone that wanted to hang out, and they turned out to be Superman, talk about a regrettable circumstance. Clark Kent knew he was the most powerful person in the world, but he could work at a low paying job, that would subject him to the boring monotony of life.The Superman movies captivated a nation in the early '70 and into the '80. Like Superman, Superman II is a comic book that came to life. It seems to be so deep seeded in fantasy and fiction that the more you rationalize the movie, the quicker the movie unravels. Fortunately, the rapid action,...

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