Character Personality Matrix Essay

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Section 1: Character Personality Matrix
Theory Major Components
Structure Process Growth and Development Psychopathology Change
1. The Big 5 trait factor The Big Five Theory identifies certain traits that explain the personality of a person. It looks at the following aspects of a person: 1). Openness, 2). Conscientious,3).Extraversion, 4). Agreeableness,5). Neuroticism. A person’s openness is measured on the following factors: 1.) How curious a person is, 2). how truthful a person is 3). appreciation for imagination, 4). willingness to try something new, 5). traditional they are. An individual that scores high in this area usually are outgoing, curious, open to new things, and embrace experience. Individuals that score low in the area tend to be more traditional, rather remain in the comfort zone, plain, and not explore new ideas. Conscientious is when a person shows a lot of self discipline , very task oriented, and will complete a job as efficiently as possible. An individual scoring high in this area are highly efficiently, very goal oriented, punctual, and organized. An individual that scores low in these areas tend to have no direction, careless, unpredictable, and unlikely to finish what they started. Extraversion is chrematistic of a positive person who seeks out the company of others. They enjoy the time with others more than the time alone. Individuals who score high in this area enjoy being the center of attention or the life of the party, they are comfortable around others, they do not mind starting conversations, and will actively talk with several people involved in the gathering. Individuals that score low in this area usually do not like to go where there are people they do not know, they rather be in the shadows and not draw attention to themselves, and will only talk when spoken too. Even at this point will only answer what is asked. Agreeableness is being compassionate and cooperative rather being suspicious or hostile towards others. They will go out of their way to keep everyone in social harmony. Individuals that score high in this area are very caring, soft hearted, sympathetic , and make time for people. Individuals that score low in this area are unconcerned about others, likely to insult people, and prefer to be isolated. They are not happy people and do not make others happy. Neuroticism is demonstrated by always seeing the negative sides of things. People express this by anger, anxiety, and depressed mood. Individuals that score high in this area are anxious about things all the time, they feel all things are doomed, and easily display erratic mood swings. Individuals that score low in this area then to be relaxed, unemotional, and satisfied with life(Pervin,Cervone, &Oliver, 2005). Will Hunting is a complicated person. He can come across as very confident at times. However, he is very insecure at the same time. He uses his intelligence to cover-up his feelings of insecurity. Two incidents...

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