Character Profile For The Mother In Law Essay

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Character Profile for the Mother-in-Law

I will be discussing the Mother-In-Law in this extract in the first
person. I am a lady of about 60 years of age, and I am a low-class
peasant, shown by the behaviour of my son, and how I address him. I
will use a country accent, as I live on the other side of the mountain
to Grusha and the play's other characters. I will adopt a slightly
hunch-backed posture to emphasise my age. I will also adopt a slightly
creaky, whining tone of voice.

We first see the Mother in Law attempted to hurry along her son's
wedding because she is concerned that she won't get paid if he dies
before the wedding is completed. To emphasise my sense of urgency, I
would move my cupped palms very quickly and haphazardly before me to
convey a sense of needing to hurry. When I turn to Lavrenti, I have
just realised Grusha has a child - an added complication which I
believe I can get more money from. I would therefore cross my hands
across my chest, and place emphasis on the word 'child', saying it in
a slightly higher tone than I usually speaking in because I want to
give a sense of shock to Lavrenti.

When I explain that I won't survive the shame, I will bring my palm to
my forehead, closing my eyes, and then look up towards heaven before I
then look back down to the ground and "sob" loudly, rubbing my eyes as
I do so in order to convey to Lavrenti the immense shame I am feeling,
but my unconvincingly-loud crying - essentially crocodile tears -
would indicate to the audience that I am an insincere person who
doesn't really mean what she says. While I speak at this point,
whatever I say will be squeaked hesitantly, with pauses between
phrases to indicate that I am so ashamed and mortified at the thought
of my dear son marrying someone who has a child that I can barely
speak properly.

Once Lavrenti has promised to add 200 piastres to the money I will be
receiving, I will instantly cheer up, by taking my hands off my eyes
and adopting my normal, less squeaked, tone of voice. I will then
adopt a matter-of-fact manner, glaring at Yussup to complain that the
money is still not enough. I will then turn towards Grusha, placing
stress on the word 'hope' by saying it slightly louder than the other
words to emphasise how much I want her to help me with the funeral
expenses. When I come to the part of my speech about people finding
out that Yussup's end is near, I will speak more quickly, coming to a
loud climax on the word 'necks'. I will then threaten Lavrenti, that
is to say that when I say 'he mustn't see the child', I will wave my
index finger in his direction, glaring at him, and with menace in my
voice on the word 'mustn't', because, essentially, I am telling him
that I will be very angry if the monk sees the child and need to avoid
this at all costs.

When I...

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