Character Relationships In Under Milk Wood By Dylan Thomas

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Character Relationships in Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

Select four 'pairs' of characters from 'Under Milk Wood' and discuss
their relationships.

In my essay I will talk about the following pairs:

Mr Pugh and Mrs Pugh,

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard,

Cherry Owen and Mrs Cherry Owen &

Miss Myfanwy Price and Mr Mog Edwards.

Mr and Mrs Pugh do not have a very good relationship - they don't get
on at all. Mrs Pugh is always criticizing and nagging. She says to Mr
Pugh that ''persons with manners do not read at table'', and that
''some persons were brought up in pigsties''. Mrs Pugh is never
pleased and is always complaining at her husband. Mr Pugh tries to get
back at her by saying:

''Pigs can't read, my dear''.

But Mrs Pugh always has the last word, and always wins:

''I know one who can''.

Mrs Pugh is a very harsh, ill-natured, 'cold' woman. Mr Pugh secretly
hates and despises his wife. He is always plotting how to kill her -
but he never actually does. He is timid, determined and always
scheming, but he never wins. He hates Mrs Pugh with a passion:

''Here's your arsenic dear.

And your weed killer biscuit.

I've throttled your parakeet.

I've spat in the vases.

I've put cheese in the mouse holes.

Here's your…

…nice tea dear''.

Neither Mrs Pugh nor Mr Pugh likes each other at all. They have a
terrible relationship, and only stay together because without each
other, Mrs Pugh would have no one to nag, and Mr Pugh would have no
one to plot to kill. So they kind of need each other in a way.

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard don't have a very
good relationship either. Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard are both dead,
but they are still, even in death, obey, and do what Mrs
Ogmore-Pritchard tells them to do - and they hate her. They are always
cleaning and tidying up for her:

Mr Ogmore - ''I must put on rubber gloves and search the peke for

Mr Pritchard - ''and dust the parlour and spray the canary''.

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard is very controlling over her dead husbands. She

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