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Character Setup: Anaya James - 9 Michelle Tyler - Anaya's Mother 29 Tremell "Reece" James - Anaya's father, 6th Sence Disciples' Vice Cheif 2nd in charge of the set - 28 Cornell "Gentry" Thomas - Anaya's Godfather, 6SD Cheif Set leader - 30 Special Agent in Charge Travis Gooch - Agent in Charge HN Agent Michael Di Piazza - Federal Agent Lt. Charles Lowe - HRU Commander ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 15, 2002 "Shut the fuck up...put yo fuckin lips together and shut the fuck up you Dick ass nigga... you muthafuckas ain't concerned with my safety... hell nawe... give me a fuckin reason." Agent Michael Di Piazza took a sigh and with no further hesitation told the man on the other line that he would call him right back. "Don't do nothin stupid in there... If you hurt that little girl I swear on my life..." Nothing but a desolate click ended the call. SA Travis Gooch approached Di Piazza from behind and tapped him on the shoulder."What'd he say?" "He's not giving up, we may have to use..." Gooch interrupted. "No...I'm not taking any chances of hurting that little girl." He took in a deep breath while memories of his daughter flashed through his mind. "No." He uttered with much affection."Get that bitch ass muthafucka back on the phone 'D', I wanna talk to em'." A deep voice on the other end finally spoke into the phone. "What the fuck is it now?" "Someone wants to talk to you." "Who?" Agent Gooch spoke into the speakerphone. "How's the little girl?" "She aiight" Is she hungry, thirsty, cold?" "No fucker, she had a big breakfast." He laughed with a hint of murderous intent. "Why don't you let us bring y'all some food and blankets?" I don't want shit from y'all." Gooch snatched up a pen and notepad. "It's gotta be something you want because you don't just do this type of shit for fun you know?" He cleared his throat as if he had been previously crying. "I want the news crews to be backed the fuck up, I want some goddamned Burger King, and I want everybody to see me in hell." He laughed again and hung up. Minutes later he moved over to the picture window where everyone outside could see him.Bracing the little girl in front of him, he elevated his gun aiming directly at the her head. Lt. Charles Lowe from the Illinois State Police Hostage Rescue Unit knocked on the van door. "Excuse me, Sir, you might wanna take a look at this." "What is it?" "He's in the window holding a gun to the little girls head." Gooch and 'D' both ran out of the van instinctively pulled their weapons and emerged from behind the baracade both fearing what this lunatic would do next. "Nobody shoot!" "Damnit 'D' tell those fuckin troopers not to shoot or I'll have their ass on a platter for it. "Get him on the phone!" Lt. Lowe yelled across the lot in reply, "I did, he wont answer." "Shit!" "What...

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3686 words - 15 pages more alive when surrounded by death, and so the groups serve as a therapeutic outlet. He is also able to overcome his insomnia following the emergence of Big Bob, who represents the early maternal figure of the novel: "Like a mother, Bob uses his enormous breasts, hugs, and love to give the narrator his release, allowing him first to cry, and then to sleep, both infantile needs" (Kavadlo 9). This explains why Tyler emerges so suddenly after the

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