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As Jonas woke up on an important day of his life, he rubbed his paled eyes and washed himself. He was extremely nervous about this December, when the annual Ceremony will be held and Assignments will be given to all the people in his year group. He told his parents last night that he was frightened, but he then decided that the word “apprehensive” is a better to describe how he feels about the upcoming December Ceremony. He will be turning from an Eleven to a Twelve and will get the Assignment that is perfect of him decided by the Elders. Jonas really trusts the Elders because they always pick the perfect Assignments for the Twelves and they rarely make mistakes. Jonas had no idea what Assignment that would be perfect for him and was anxious to find out.He walked down stairs and saw his mother helping his little sister with her ribbons. His little sister, Lily, was very talkative. To Jonas, Lily’s feelings are always straightforward, fairly simple, and usually easy to resolve. This year Lily is going to be an Eight and Jonas is very proud of her.When Jonas finished eating with lovely family, he remembers to take his pill. He had started talking the pills when he got a vivid dream one day. It was about his friend Fiona. Although Jonas felt the dream was really powerful, Jonas couldn’t understand it.Fiona is also a Twelve and the always went to the House of Old together for volunteers. Jonas liked her because she is a sensitive and gentle girl. The dream was about Jonas wanting Fiona to go into the tub in the House of Old with him, but she never did. The wanting made Jonas angry and also confused. His parents told him that the dream is called a Stirring and told him to take the pills after.Jonas was ready to leave to the house to the Auditorium for the Ceremony. He decided to go with his best friend, Asher. Unlike Asher, Jonas is always careful about what he does every day, especially his language, while Asher is clumsy and careless. Jonas always thought Asher is cheerful and very good-humored.When they got to the Auditorium, the Ones had begun just in time. Jonas doesn’t care about any age group ceremonies except the Eights for Lily and Twelve for himself. When the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas began to get more apprehensive. He saw the other Twelves go on the stage one by one to get his/her Assignment. All his friends got excellent Assignments that match them.When it was about to be Jonas’s turn to get his Assignment, he took a deep breath and prepared himself before going to the stage. Unexpectedly, the Chief Elder had called the person after Jonas and had apparently skipped Jonas. Everyone in the audience immediately becomes uncomfortable. Confusion and Terror had suddenly filled his head. Jonas was shocked and experienced an array of emotions. Jonas couldn’t focus. Chief Elders doesn’t make mistakes. The Ceremony continued orderly and numerous of thoughts had filled Jonas’s mind. He felt embarrassed and...

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