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Madam Bovary Emma Bovary was a woman that had it all going for her. She was beautiful, intelligent, well trained in music and literature, and loved the finer things in life. It was all of these things and more that led to her downfall as a mother, wife, woman, and person. Because of the way she was with her husband, his money and their life she soon deteriorated into a worthless, impulsive, delusional person, with nothing left to pursue in life. Emma was a young beautiful woman, in her early to mid twenties. She had long flowing blonde hair and was quite petite in stature. Also, her skin was very pale, yet soft and pleasant looking. It was her physical appearance that made her so incredibly desirable to many men. They was she dressed also helped. She wore flashy, elegant gowns, even if just walking through the streets. She also spent much of her time with a man, not any man in particular, but a man nonetheless, and that alone mad her more of a prime target to other men. Emma was very intelligent. It was stated that she studied music and excelled in literature, which were not commonly things learned by women. She uses her intelligence in many different ways. She often was found by the doctor's side aiding him in any way she could, often with her ideas or to get what was needed. She also used what she knew to get what she wanted. Granted it wasn't always the nicest thing to do, she did it and got what she wanted, because she knew that it would work. Another thing that was great about the way Emma was, was how determined she was. That is an important trait for people to have. It is needed to survive and Emma used it to get by. She knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it, using any methods that she could. She stuck it out, for the most part, and got what she strived for. Emma was also a sneaky, conniving women though. She often made up intricate stories to get away from her husband to spend time with one of her lovers. She would also just disappear for some time to run off to another city, sleep with a man there, and return in just enough time for bed, so there was no time for questions and no time for anything else. She used her husbands trust to get away with things...

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