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MIMI MENLO is one of two main characters in this short story. She is not just one character among several, it is her thoughts and actions that we focus on since she is one of the two main characters. We take on Mimi's viewpoint and judge her by her actions and see what kind of moral fibre she is made up of.She has many faults but not many that cannot be forgiven, we see this at the beginning of the story. She secretly tries to stay awake and keep an eye on her husband. She prescribed herself a week's worth of Dexedrine to help her stay awake. It was corrupt for Mimi to prescribe medicine for herself since it's illegal. To most people this would seem sweet but I think she should be honest and confront him with his problem of insomnia.It says in the story that the dog Thurber would have restless nights and she would rub her fingers in his hair in order to soothe him. It is surprising that the only genuine affection in the novel is shown by Mimi towards Thurber and Brian. I may be thinking critical but why wouldn't Mimi do the same for her husband Everett when he was having sleeping problems. Sometimes it is enough just to comfort another person, without having to talk about their problems and just to let them know your there for them.Mimi decides to confront her husband Everett, like any good mate she becomes concerned and questions him. Her job focuses on better understanding people through her patients talking openly. But when Everett refuses to talk about his problems she subsides and lets him keep his problems to himself. We see that Mimi is very observant when reading the story; an example is that when Everett sleeps, she knows he sleeps on his stomach. Now, Everett is lying on his back scared to sleep. Her awareness was probably acquired through her many years of work as a psychiatrist and now has gained an insightful mentality.I see some faults in her psychiatrist mentality because at some points Mimi tends to overanalyze a situation. She tries to find reasons why Everett is having a mid-life crisis; some answers that she comes up with very dramatically. Like, it could be an affair, maybe he might be ill, but her most reasonable was that he could not break through in one of his tougher cases, which we find out later is correct.Mimi felt it was of great necessity not to be employed at the same institution as here husband who was also a psychiatrist. Some reasons why this may be are that by spending to much time together, marital stress would be caused, or maybe even competition would occur.Mimi is quoted to being a hard worker, "...she had always worked with the kind of physical intensity that kills, and yet she gave the impression this was the only tolerable way in which to function." We can see this in her work with Brian Bassett. Brian Bassett was an autistic, whose unemotional state and lack of communication was Mimi's driving force. She would stay with him from the moment he woke until the instant he was induced to sleep. This was a...

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