Character Sketch On Lindo Jong, From "The Joy Luck Club".

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The Joy Luck ClubThe Key to understanding Lindo Jong is that she is a very strong and imaginative woman. She thought up a lie to get her out of her arranged marriage as a child, while still honouring her mother and father's intentions for her. However, aside from Lindo's creative and fun personality, she is also very proud and narrow minded.Lindo Jong was brought up as a Mandarin Chinese woman. As being so, she followed her parent's plans and tried to be more and more like her mother. Lindo was arranged to be married when she was just 13 years old. Lindo's parents told her not to shame them and to be an obedient wife and daughter-in-law to her future family. Out of great respect for her parents, Lindo did as she was told and tried her best to fit into her new family. However, she did not love her husband, nor like living with him and his parents. Lindo's mother-in-law wanted a grandchild and Lindo's husband was in no hurry to give her one. So Lindo got blamed for the lack of interest in her husband. Lindo Jong, being the very strong girl she was and having the imagination she did, thought up a story to get her out of her awkward life. She watched a servant girl through her window and soon discovered that she was pregnant. So, Lindo pretended to have a devastating nightmare that she was not the chosen one for her husband and that his child was planted in that servant girl instead. Her Mother-in-law fell into Lindo's lies and let Lindo leave, where she eventually settled in America. Being in a strict Chinese background, as she was, Lindo was very brave to do what she did. Most girls would have never thought of telling such a lie to change their lifestyle. Those days, Women in China were thought to have no opinions and to keep their feelings inside, never showing how they really felt. Lindo obviously wasn't any ordinary girl, nor would she let a matchmaker decide the rest of her life. However, with her inner strength and courage came other things, such as pride and a narrow mind.While in America, Lindo worked at a fortune cookie factory, where she folded the cookies and put their fortunes inside. From then on, Lindo adopted the trait of negativity. Lindo always sought out the negative side in everything and everyone. Even when she was engaged, she found faults with her husband, such as his Caucasian background and lack of character. Lindo became very narrow minded on what was right and wrong. She wanted to raise her children with American privileges but with strong Chinese attitudes and character. Lindo Jong, saw disappointment in her children when they grew up to know very little about their Chinese background. Lindo could also be a very selfish woman, which led her to her pride. Lindo named her first two sons, Winston and Preston because it reminded her of money. Lindo's youngest daughter was named Waverly. Waverly ended up taking a keen liking in the game of Chess. She played it so often that she eventually was asked to compete in tournaments...

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