Character Sympathy In A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Flannery O´Conner

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There are many different types of characters in stories, and each has been described differently leaving different impression to readers. Reading some stories gives the readers the feeling of empathy for characters. Speaking about characteristic, it is great to know how a character feels in order to understand the story. Through this essay, I would like to show how stories make the readers feel empathy to other’s concerns, feelings, and troubles.
Referring to the readings “A good man is hard to find,” written by O'Connor, and “ Bartleby the scrivener” written by Melville, both stories have described the characters in away which leaves the empathy feeling to the readers. Providing that, the ...view middle of the document...

According to the story, while reading what has Misfit been through, readers can feel the empathy of how it feels to live in a dark room all alone, and suffer the punishment for a crime you haven’t commit.
Certainly, when a person has been through a bad time and suffered a lot, he/she would lose all the hopes, and so did the Misfit. While in jail, he lost all his hopes of having the same image he had before. He lost all his faith in god for not being proved innocent. Facing all the problems and punishments changed the Misfit from a good man to a real murderer. He was accused for murdering his father, but he really became a murderer by killing each and every person of Bailey’s family. Punishment of an undone crime would change a person’s faith, hope, and personality.
A story is understandable when a character has been described with details. The story “ Bartleby the scrivener,” has described Bartleby as an elder man who is calm, quite, forlorn-looking, and someone who prefers not to do anything. Bartleby’s descriptions being that, leaves the readers a sympathy feeling for...

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1250 words - 5 pages ©1996 Patrick Galloway . Dr. Bette A. Reagan Light and Shadow: Religious Grace in Two Stories by Flannery O'Connor © 2002, David Allen Cook. A Good Man Is Hard To Find.

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