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Character Traits In The Antigone. Essay

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NOTE- this essay is about Sophocles' earlierst of the three Theban play called the Anitgone. the focus is on the character traits of the main chatacters of the play, most especially of antigone and creon. it begins with a general introduction the greek theatre of the time (the fifth and sixth centuries BC)giving an outline of what theatre meant to the people of ancient greece as well as what it meant to the writers themselves. it then carries on to take a close look at the main characters and their strengths and weaknesses. the antigone is an especially powerful story because of the main female character which is an unusual focus point in that time. it also takls a bit about weather or not the gods did favor her by making her a hero or weather they didnt by letting her die.ESSAY- The fifth and sixth centuries before Christ where the beginnings of history and political theory, political democracy and of philosophical thought in ancient Greece. From architecture to theatre, the ancient Greek world has affected and sometimes dominated civilization since.In this essay I am going to talk about character traits in the Anitgone, the first of the three Theban plays written by Sophocles. But before I start, I would like to briefly look at the theatre in Sophocles time, how it came about, what it meant for the people of the time, what was written about etc.The city of Athens was the center of intellectual and artistic life for most of the fifth century. Well being for the people was very important to the cities leaders. These political leaders used the wealth they recovered form the empire and its commercial operations to create and produce incredible public festivals for the people. The most famous of these festivals was the one to celebrate the god Dionysus, he was honored with theatre displays. This festival was a huge city holiday as well as a competition for the poets. All sorts of people including foreigners attended. It is important to remember that the theatre was not just a mode of entertainment but also a way of religion and by attending it was an act of worship. The god Dionysus was the god of life spirit, of ecstasy and wine amongst other things, and is often depicted as being masked as Bernard Knox states "..Dyonisus is often portrayed in contemporary vase paintings as masked or even as a mask; the actors in theatre played in masks" . This is important in terms of the actors in Greek theatre because it was in this way that it was possible to play female parts as well as different characters. Because the audience was so incredibly large, the poet had to excel the individuality of the characters not by the grandness of the masks (because there were so many in the audience it was hard to see them) but with the actors delivery and his or her character traits. So the character or personality was very important to the poet.The third part in the display after the actors and audience was the chorus. The chorus was a central part of the performance,...


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