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Characteristics Essay

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Even though the book, The Diary of Anne Frank, tells the reader the specific traits of each of the characters, it is truly up to the reader to distinguish; this is because the book is written from the viewpoint of Anne. This makes a difference since her viewpoint is infected by personal opinions, and since she is a child when she begins she cannot truly distinguish character. Also, she makes opinions by the light she puts them in. She mostly cannot tell a bad thing about father, but anything Mrs. Van Daan does is horrible. As a third person the reader can truly distinguish the characteristics of each character, such as these.
Anne says that she is separated into two people, one in private ...view middle of the document...

Anne openly shows us her hatred for her mother; this is unfair to Anne’s mom. All Anne’s mother is trying to do is be a loving mother but Anne doesn’t want to believe anything but hatred for her mother that she pushes her away. Mrs. Frank is slightly nervous and reserved, and wants Anne to act more like a lady. This is not as mean as Anne makes her mother seem, Anne can be quite rude at times and it cannot be tolerated in a place where life and death is on the line.
Anne considers Marot the “perfect child” and is not very fond of her. Margot is not actually hurting Anne in anyway. Anne is jealous that Margot is just what their parents want that she believes that she will never be like Margot and acts badly. Margot is truly quiet and obedient and since she is so different from Anne, Anne dislikes her.
Anne admits that she has feelings for Peter and even shares her first kiss with him. However, as the reader, we may question whether these feelings are genuine or just out of loneliness. Like Margot, Peter is also quiet and shy; however he is also lazy which aggravates Anne very much. He has a weak character and doesn’t look to improve.
Mr. Van Daan is not mentioned very much but, it can be seen that he is either...

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