Characteristics In Common Among Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerber And Bill Gates

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Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all have two well-known characteristics in common; they are billionaires and they have made their fortune without a degree. Success stories like theirs leave most people, especially graduating high school students, wondering if furthering their education is worth the time, money, and effort. Student loans and tuitions seem to be the most speculated worries of college. However, they are only small matters compared to the eternal possibilities of its benefits. A college degree is no longer an option or a privileged, but an indispensable key to living a rewarding life. Earning a college degree has proven to be worth the effort because it teaches ...view middle of the document...

On the whole, a higher education creates responsible, well-adjusted, capable members of society.
Supplementary to teaching discipline, acquiring a college education is also an opportunity to extend the views of intellectuals. By fostering the desire to learn and encouraging curiosity, attending college serves as the perfect intellectual stimulator. For example, mandatory courses expose students to subjects they might not usually explore, all in all making them well-rounded. An additional advantage of these courses is the gained strength in complex reasoning, and most importantly, communication skills. A college campus is a pool filled with people who, for the most part, share similar intentions and interests; thus creating an opportunity for individuals to form lasting connections or network for future endeavors. For instance, entrepreneurs often use networking as a tool to connect with people who share related interests or can help them in one way or another. For business majors, making acquaintance with fellow students can shape and boost their future careers. Some colleges also provide life-changing opportunities, such as programs that allow scholars to study overseas and participate in exclusive internships. Taking part in said opportunities provides first-hand valuable experience and training, which can be...

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