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Characteristics Of A Leader Essay

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Moreover, some complaint about pharmacy errors like pharmacy staff give wrong medicine, mistakes with dose adjustment and not ask for the patient’s medical history and take more time to medicine to patients. Instead of this some older patients find difficulties to enter in the health centre because there are some high steps on the main entrance, they also walk more from the main entrance to the concern department. In spite of this parking complaints are also increasing day by day. People often complaint about less space for parking their vehicles. As we know that New Zealand is a diverse country and people have their different styles of speaking and patients also suffer from communication problems, sometimes they does not understand that what is other person speaks and find difficulties to read prescriptions, Its difficult for them to understand medical terms. Administration services are also not good. Team members often make mistakes in their work like make wrong bills sometimes with wrong address and wrong names, not complete work on time. Other important issue that mostly people complaint is high cost of medicine and consultation fees and no discount on maximum purchase and regular customers. Sometimes people belong to poor families and they cannot bear the high cost of treatment. The most important issue that must be solve is un hygienic conditions inside the premises as well outside because this is the place where every type of people will come although children, old ones, and young people and when they come to health centre they already have some problem with their health and if they get unhygienic again then it will create problem to them and instead of this poor seating arrangement, patients often standing in corridor of the building wait for their turns.
2. Characteristics that need as manager of health centre: With respect to above written complaints a leader must have good characteristics like: Good Communicator- A leader should be a good communicator. Communication failure may lead to big problems in relation to health centre a leader or a manager should be an effective communicator between higher management and staff because both sides have their own problems and issues. So a good communicator can resolve issues and make a better team to achieve goals. Effective Planner- As in this essay, people complaint about parking problems and administrative issues. Here a manager should be an effective planner to make a plan according to give-service to patients as well as his/her peers. Sense of Humour- A leader should have a good sense of humour and have patience. He should not panic during any conversation both with his staff members and with his customers. He should also have an ability to understand matters and to solve them. Positive Attitude- A leader must have positive waves towards his work. He must be an encourage able person for their team members. If a leader doesn’t have a positive mind then other team members have also under...

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