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In addition, the cost of college today is on the rise. Expenses keep growing and growing; Stretching bank accounts and parents’ wallets, families look at the reality of debt from college costs. College expenditures include room and board, tuition and possibly a meal plan for the year or semester, and other miscellaneous supplies. Since the bulk of financial expenses at college come from tuition and fees, the article “Tuition and Fee’s” from, recommends staying within the state where one resides. This can greatly reduce the cost of one’s college tuition. Going to colleges or universities out of one’s home state increases the price of tuition the student will need to pay. Also, a difference exists between the tuition at public and private universities. At public state colleges the average dollar amount reaches $7,000 per year for tuition. At private colleges the cost averages to as much as $26,000 per year. also suggests that students should apply for all kinds of scholarships, student loans and other financial aids to assist with expenses (“Tuition and Fee’s”). The good news is that debt from student loans usually includes time to pay them off. The average starting salary once one becomes a pediatrician ranges from $120,000 to $130,000 and after three years can rise, headed for $150,000 to $200,000 (Iannelli “Becoming”). With this income, college debt no longer poses a threat.
Next, and perhaps the most daunting part of one’s medical journey, will be getting into medical school. “The average pre-medicine student applies to at least five to ten medical schools,” says (“Ready to Apply”). If a medical school considers the student after reviewing his or her application, the school will invite the student in for an interview. The interview is done by senior faculty members along with an admissions specialist and possibly a senior student representative (“Ready to Apply”). Commonly, the public hears about the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) that is required for admittance into medical school. Students preparing to taking the MCAT view it as an intimidating examination that could make or break their future. In reality, it could. However, medical schools do not look only at a student’s MCAT scores; they look at the students’ grades, MCAT scores, recommendation letters from advisors and professors, extracurricular activities and personal and leadership qualities. They will also take into account the difficulty level of the college classes taken. Many medical schools recommend going to a smaller school where there is a greater chance of success rather than getting by as an average student at a larger school. Most importantly, medical schools want to see that a student is capable of being successful and is determined (Iannelli “Interview”).
Then after gaining admittance to medical school, one must prepare for the education and learning courses he or she will experience in school. At Southern Illinois...

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