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Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects children and individuals all over the world in large quantities. There is no known cause or cure for Autism. Autism awareness is extremely important for individuals that are affected by autism every day. Individuals and their families are struggling throughout the years, financially and emotionally. Insurance coverage for individuals on the autism spectrum is important for the duration of the individual’s life and all those involved. Autism Awareness is an important priority for the wellbeing of humanity. Autism is an epidemic.
Autism is characterized as a developmental disorder that is seen in children by the age of three years old. Autism affects the brains normal, natural development, and causes many impairments. The major impairments that affect an individual are reciprocal socialization, Qualitative impairment in communication, and repetitive or unusual behavior. Signs of Autism can be seen in early infanthood, with proper awareness and resources. An infant child can appear to be adverse to eye contact early on. Some signs in early infancy appear as being indifferent to affection and physical contact. When spoken to, they can appear to be deaf or ignoring the parent or caregiver. Noticing the early red flags of Autism can provide an early intervention and give the child the best chance at learning to tolerate their environment. Children around three years old will display certain signs and symptoms.
• Impaired use of non-verbal behaviors to regulate interactions
• Delayed peer interactions, few or no friendships, and little interaction
• Absence of seeking to share enjoyment and interests with others
• Delayed initiation of interactions
• Little or no social reciprocity and absence of social judgment
• Delay in verbal language without non-verbal compensation (like gestures)
• Impairment in expressive language and conversation, and disturbance in pragmatic language use
• Stereotyped, repetitive, or idiosyncratic language
• Delayed imaginative and social imitative play
• Restricted, stereotyped, and repetitive patterns of behavior
• Preoccupation with stereotyped or restricted interests or topics
• Adherence to routines, rigidity, and perseverative behavior
• Preoccupation or fascination with parts of items and unusual visual exploration (Susan E Levy, n.d.)
Often times, a child on the Autism Spectrum will avoid social interactions and group activities. A large portion of affected individuals is considered non-verbal, for lack of language or little use of verbal language. Autistic individuals will stay to themselves, and a child might not share his pictures or achievements with parents or caregivers. An autistic child will play by himself, seemingly lost in his own world. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum do not understand social reciprocity, the do not pick up...

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