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Characteristics Of Introvert Or Extrovert Personalities

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The theory this paper employs is that one’s introvert or extrovert personality characteristics and their national culture impacts one’s susceptibility to groupthink. If businesses understood the importance of how various personality types and cultures influence decision-making, groupthink could be better avoided leading to better solutions of problems. This theory is important because it can lessen the burdening effects of groupthink by understanding and acknowledging individual differences among members, resulting in better outcomes.
The first variable is personality type. We will define this by Gordon Allport’s definition that personality is “the dynamic organization within the ...view middle of the document...

By studying these individual differences our actions become more predictable in various situations.
The following variable is one’s susceptibility to groupthink. This is because the variables of personality type and atmosphere of environment will lead to various levels of groupthink. This dependent variable will be defined as one’s amount of desire for cohesiveness, meaning to what extent they withhold their own judgments from the majority’s beliefs. Solomon Asch found that although this study demonstrates an individual’s desires to fit in it does not take into account whether the student is an introvert or extrovert. Also, Andrew and Colleen Schwarz found that although group cohesion resulted in enjoyment and effectiveness, the group was not efficient. Knowing whether an individual is an introvert or an extrovert would allow experimenters to better predict the effects of groupthink since they would know who was more likely to follow the group or stick with their intuition. My hypothesis is that extroverted individuals are less likely to succumb to groupthink and introverted individuals are more likely succumb to groupthink.
The next variable is one’s national culture. We will define one’s culture by Dongsong Zhang’s definition that culture is “conceptualized as shared symbols, norms, and values in a social collectivity, such as country. . . culture also represents shared values and attitudes within a specific organization”(Zhang, 2007). We will utilize Hofstede’s cultural dimensions which include the power/distance relationship, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty/avoidance index, and long term orientation because these cultural dimensions have become an internationally recognized...

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