Characteristics Of My Virtual Child, Gavin

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Introduction to Gavin

My virtual child is a male, named Gavin (Manis, 2008). The name Gavin was chosen because it is a personal favorite and it is also similar to my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, Gavaghan. Gavin has one virtual sibling, a younger sister named Chloe. There is a three year age difference between the two siblings. According to the program I had a partner and we were married. Unfortunately, when Gavin was four years old we continued to argue and decided to separate. Two years later, we finally decided that the relationship was over and to get a divorce.
Gavin’s personality is very closely related to the overcontrolled personality type (Manis, 2008). The overcontrolled ...view middle of the document...

Although it took time for Gavin’s personality to develop, his strengths were very well known from an early point in his life. One of his strengths is problem solving and language comprehension. At the two and a half year developmental testing Gavin did above average in solving problems with two or more steps and grouping objects together. Then again at the three-year developmental testing he performed above average in production tests and in the ability to tell coherent stories. This language comprehension strength was apparent thorough out his school years. His report cards continued to show this with comments: “Demonstrates strength" in the areas of speaking and listening”, and “His word reading, spelling and writing skills are strong” (Manis, 2008). Another one of Gavin’s strengths in school is mathematics; he showed advanced ability starting at the age five screening. He was able to comprehend quantitative relationships, and was advanced in counting and the overall use of numbers. His mathematics ability continued to show throughout his school years. Due to Gavin’s above average ability in mathematics he was placed into the gifted program where he continued to thrive and do well. In middle school science also became one of Gavin’s strengths where he was suggested to join an after school science club to challenge him more outside of the classroom. I chose these as Gavin’s strengths because of the continuous positive feedback on his report cards and the psychologist’s report from age 8-11.
Unfortunately, Gavin also has his fair share of weaknesses. A weakness that continuously came up in evaluations was the below average score in fine and gross motor skills beginning with his 9 month pediatrician report through put his entire childhood development. At age six Gavin was put into multiple recreational sports like tennis and soccer but he did not excel in any of this or show any interest at all. This could be explained by the lack of motor skills. He became more interested in other activities like boy scouts and the electronic keyboard. I chose this as a weakness because Gavin kept scoring below average in this area through out his development and never really found any enjoyment or above average abilities in sports. Gavin is also very sensitive with his surroundings, and lets his surroundings affect him greatly. This is a weakness and is shown through different situations on his report cards and through observation. When Gavin’s younger sister was born he became very jealous and started to throw temper tantrums and show regressive behavior (Manis, 2008). When my partner and I separated and eventually divorced when Gavin was young he again started throwing temper tantrums and showed regressive behavior. Also to support this on his first grade report card his teacher wrote “Sometimes Gavin over-reacts to stressful situations and can become quite upset with himself or others and needs help calming down” (Manis, 2008). These are the main...

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