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Characteristics Of Qualitative And Quantitative Methods

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Qualitative and quantitative researcher’s exhibited conflicting ways of approaching a research. Some researchers prefer qualitative over quantitative and vice-versa. Also, it is common for qualitative and quantitative to be used together in a research. But, both methods when carried out correctly provide good research. Plus, both methods have their own unique differences and characteristics. In this paper I will define three of these characteristics in a quantitative and qualitative research design and discuss and compare their differences. (Smith & Davis, 2010)
One type of characteristics in a qualitative research is that it is carried out in a natural setting. As a consequence, when a researcher is conducting a research they are committed to spend time doing field work. This will ensure that their claims are not bias or incorrect. Furthermore, the sitting for their research is typically places similar to a board room, or a class room. Also, it is usually limited to a smaller group. As a result, it allows the research to be more personal. (Smith & Davis, 2010)
Another characteristic of qualitative research is that it is personal and contains very little scientific terminology. For example, the researchers seek to understand human issues and problems or why humans behave in a certain manner. This type of empathetic approach in a quantitative research is a very unique in characteristic. Also, in a qualitative research, researches interact with the participants or sample, this is very important because they need to observe their behavior. As a result, it causes the research to be more up close and personal. This type of approach is what makes a qualitative research unique or different from quantitative research. (Smith & Davis, 2010)
Another characteristic of a qualitative research is that it “forms its report with words.” (Smith & Davis, 2010) Qualitative research uses a narrative description from data to describe the behavior. In addition, the narrative description is documented in the form of a written or recorded annotation. Also, researchers use an individual case study which “intensively observe and record the behavior of one or sometimes two participants over an extended period of time,” which can be very detailed or descriptive. (Smith & Davis, 2010) Furthermore, qualitative research depends more on “quality instead of quantity” and focuses more on answering questions. (Naik, 2010)
In contrast to a qualitative research, a quantitative research is very impersonal and focuses mostly on numerical information. Quantitative research uses statistical data to gather calculate, and measure a population. For instance, a quantitative research will gather, calculate, and measure the population at a university to determine how many university male students dropped out of the university after their freshman year. Furthermore, the information that a quantitative research gathers is much larger in number compared to a qualitative...

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