Characteristics Of Research Problems Essay

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This paper will discuss what constitutes a researchable problem. Also discussed will be the components of a well-formed problem statement. In addition, this publication will explain what constitutes a reasonable theoretical framework for the needs of the study. In addition, this paper will also explore an actual application of a possible theoretical framework based on a specific research topic.
What constitutes a researchable problem?
A researchable problem is one for which a viable solution has not yet been developed. Researchable problems are problems, in many cases, that are developed from topics that are of interest to the novice researcher. According to Leedy and Ormrod (2013), a ...view middle of the document...

In addition, in order for the design and development type of research to present potential for making a meaningful contribution, the problem must be one that can, in fact, be addressed by some form of human creativity or interaction” (p. 109). In addition, it is important to be creative in the identification of a viable problem for which solutions are currently not available. Even if a solution has been identified, it is possible to explain why the solution that was developed is not working and why a better solution is still needed. This can be achieved by identifying a statistic that identifies the failure of the solution. Hot topics in the news can also be ideal as many of these topics are hot because a viable solution has not yet been identified. In fact, according to Ellis and Levy (2010), “newly emerging or evolving conditions often create situations in which there is no product, fad, or model available to correct the problem. This lack of a product or tool that could potentially alleviate the troublesome situation certainly constitutes a research-worthy problem applicable to design and development research” (p. 111).
Components of a well-formed problem statement
According to Leedy and Ormrod (2013), the following guidelines are part of a well-formed problem statement: (1) “The problem is stated clearly and completely” (2) “The project that the problem implies is feasible” (3) “You say precisely what you mean,” and (4) “You state the problem in a way that reflects an open mind about its solution.” What these steps represent is an overview of the necessary components in general of creating a viable and well-formed problem statement” (p. 31-34). In addition, the novice researcher must ask himself whether the problem statement “has the ability to provide important and useful answers and information, does the answer go beyond a simple yes or no, and can the problem be solved with a reasonable expenditure of time, money, and effort” (Leedy & Ormrod, 2013, p. 35). In addition, and according to Ellis and Levy (2008), the problem statement must answer the questions of what, who, how, where, when, and why regarding the problem in order to be a viable problem statement. The underlying components of a well-formed problem statement must also include “an element of creativity and, therefore, defies a mechanical, highly structured process orientation” (Ellis & Levy, 2008, p. 31). Another underlying component that leads to a well-formed problem statement, according to Wilcoxson and Manning (2011), is the ability of the novice researcher to work with “a perceived lack of support with regard to formal instruction” (p. 7). This must take place in order for the student “to gain the knowledge to ask the right questions and to apply what they have learned in complex and ambiguous circumstances” (Wilcoxson & Manning, 2011, p. 7). It may precisely be those ambiguous circumstances that open up those thought processes needed to create a viable and...

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