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Characteristics Of The Modern Nation State Essay

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This essay will describe the characteristics of the modern nation-state, explain how the United States fits the criteria of and functions as a modern nation-state, discuss the European Union as a transnational entity, analyze how nation-states and transnational entities engage on foreign policy to achieve their interests, and the consequences of this interaction for international politics.
Some of the characteristics that make up a modern nation-state are; the population of the territory is united in the national identity and traditions, has an official language or languages and common descent, has an organized government, shall have independence and sovereign (self-ruled), and has a defined territory and/or boarders.
An example of a modern nation-state is Egypt. Egypt’s identity is closely tied to its location and their long history. Egyptian’ are and Arabic speaking nation-state with a diverse culture and heritage as a modern nation-state. Their development, over the centuries, saw conflicting beliefs but, most Egyptians today see themselves, their history, culture, and language as specifically Egyptian. Mr. Kamel states that the, “Egypt’s leading roles in Middle Eastern in cultural and political affairs, generally dominates Egypt’s relations with other nations. In turn, this either broadens or limits the scope of choices and opportunities available domestically” (Kamel, 1999).
Egypt as a state; their politics are organized under a multi-party semi-presidential system, where the executive power is divided between the President and the Prime Minister. Egypt also holds regular multi-party parliamentary elections; which is separated by the Parliament of Egypt, The People’s Assembly, and the Consultative Council as described by an online article from the U.S. Department of State. Egypt’s military is one of the largest and diverse of the region to enable it to be self-ruled. As for foreign relations, Egypt was the first Arab state to establish diplomatic relations with the state of Israel, after the signing of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. Egypt has a major authority between other Arab states, and has historically played an important role as an intermediary in resolving disputes between various Arab nations, and in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.
Egypt as a nation; the majority of Egypt's population consists of ethnic Egyptians at about 90 percent of the population, the rest consisting of a few small ethnic minorities like the Bedouin Arabs, and the Nubians. Egypt is in Northern Africa, with a small peninsula forming a land bridge into Southwest Asia. Egypt is bordered by Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east. Egypt's economy depends mainly on agriculture, media, energy, and tourism as stated by an online article from the Full Wiki ("The full wiki," 2010).
The United States fits the criteria of and functions as a modern nation-state due to many reasons; one of which is the constitution, which...

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