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Characteristics Of The U.S. Health Care Delivery System

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Characteristics of the Health Care System
The United States health care system is one of the most expensive systems in the world
yet it is known as being unorganized and chaotic in comparison to other countries (Barton,
2010). This factor is attributed to numerous characteristics that define what the U.S. system is
comprised of. Two of the major indications are imperfect market conditions and the demand for
new technology (Barton, 2010). The health care system has been described as a free market in
retrospect to its governing authority (Shi & Singh, 2012). However, private and public agencies
are the controlling constituent in today’s business. Free markets allow patients to choose
providers without the prior approval of insurance companies. The current system offers a
proposed plan of limited physicians in exchange for payment of services. Because the potential
has been given to the payers, they regulate the cost of services rendered through contractual
reimbursement determinations. As a result, the camaraderie among physicians has developed
into a more aggressive approach to impede competition (Shi & Singh, 2012). Little information
is shared with patients in regards to procedures or disease control. The subjects are forced to
rely on the internet for enlightenment on the scope of their illnesses (Shi & Singh, 2012).
Furthermore, the U.S. health care system fails to provide adequate knowledge on billing
strategies for operations and other medical practices. The cost in a free system is based on
supply and demand and is known in advance of hospital admission (Shi & Singh, 2012). The
need for new technology is another characteristic that is of interest when considering the
health care system. Technology is often viewed as a determination for the delivery of quality
care. Research has shown that hospitals in the United States contribute large sums of money to
research and development (Barton, 2010). This has led to an increase in cost for services to
substantiate the use of methods that are often still within the experimental stages (Barton, 2010).
Reflected Influences of these Characteristics:
An imperfect market and the implementation of new technology has an impact on the
physical, economic, political,...

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