Characteristics That Design An Athlete Essay

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I believe that anyone can play. It doesn't matter what size, shape, weight, color you are, if you have a dream of playing you can succeed. Everyone has heard others say things such as "She is not big enough" or "He is too short" but this is not true. If an athlete has a desire to succeed in any given sport they will. Once you have got over the minor set back or size, shape, or quickness it is easy to make up with another positive such as being an intelligent player. Some things such as gender, sexual orientation, race, physical ability, age and class effect athletes in all sports and at all levels. Some of these topics have occurred within my life as an athlete. I have been an athlete since I was a young child playing numerous sports at all levels of competition. I am now playing basketball at the university level, and many situations still occur involving these characteristics.I am a female and this has been beneficial to me, as I believe I have become stronger from working to overcome adversity that comes with being a female athlete. Often in my athletic career through public school, high school and even university, girls have been treated differently than boys. There have always been small perks to being on the male team such as new uniforms, better tournaments, or more money to travel. I have never looked at being a female as to be detrimental to my athletic career as I have still been successful and made many lifelong friends. Although teams I have played on have had to work harder to receive benefits such as clothing and uniforms in the long run working for these things has helped teams become closer and more collected.Race has always been a huge part in sport from Jackie Robinson in baseball to Tiger Woods in golf today. Race has never been an issue in my life as there has not been a huge race mixture within my life or athletic career. I have always played with African Americans, as one of my best friends was black. We grew up together and played soccer, volleyball and basketball throughout public school and high school. I have always been the majority on every team I've played on and have not experienced any difference in treatment of girls on my team that are in minority.My family and I are middleclass citizens, living in a middleclass neighborhood. I have always had the support and money to get involved in any physical activity I had the urge to, from swimming, to golf, to basketball. My parents have always provided me with money to travel from tournament to tournament and supplied me with shoes and athletic equipment in order to play the sports with efficiency. I have witnessed talented athletes who have not had the funding to continue with their athletic careers, therefore having to stop playing at higher levels because it is too costly. It is unfortunate for young athletes to not have the same opportunities because of their financial status. Every young athlete should be provided funding if they wish to continue their athletic...

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