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Characterization Part 4 Essay

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Shanainae is at her best friend Kevin's moms house. Kevin has been her best friend since kindergarten. Ever since the first day of school when they met they have been inseparable. She loves coming here because she feels like it's an escape from the reality of living with her Mom. Kevin lives here with his mom Christina, and his older brother Shawn, Kevin's dad is constantly away for work. Shanainae feels like she can connect with Kevin's mom because she can relate to what Shanainae is going through, since she is going through the same thing which is being addicted to drugs. Shanainae's mom and Christina grew up together too, they used to be the best of friends until Shanainae and Christina's closeness added tension to their relationship. Shanainae's mom doesn't know why their relationship is so strong yet she is jealous of the bond Shanainae and Christina share with each other.
Kevin and Shanainae are hanging out in his bedroom in the basement playing Pacman on Nintendo 64 like they usually do after school. They are trying to contemplate where they are going to get some pills from since their usual dealer is out of town. Kevin had gotten Shanainae into doing percocets at the beginning of their grade ten year at a party one time, and after that they started doing them all the time just for recreational use. Until about a year and a half ago when they couldn't find any perks one of their dealers asked them if they wanted Oxycontin, he told them it was the same high as perks but only better, and it will last longer. It was an offer they thought they couldn't refuse. So that day they had gotten the Oxycontin, not knowing it was going to change their life forever. They had liked the high so much that they had kept going back to their dealer for more Oxycontin. So as Shanainae and Kevin are looking through their phones texting and calling everyone they can think of, everyone they talk to has nothing. Then Shanainae remembers the man she had met today while sweeping the hair up at the barber shop she works at. She had thought he was really handsome and very sweet. The man offered Shanainae his number, he also said if she needs any kind of drugs that he got it and for her to just give him a call. The guys she worked with said they had known him and he was a very trustworthy guy so she should go for it. She remembers and tells Kevin, he told her to call him since it was their only option. Kevin's mom gives her $120 dollars and asks her to get her something too. So Shanainae calls Devonte, whom she met earlier, and he said he'll pick her up out front of the Barber Shop because he doesn't want to meet her at Kevin's house. Shanainae thought it was a little strange but she reluctantly agreed since her, Kevin and Christina are so desperate.
Shanainae arrives out front of the Closed Barbershop, and waits for Devonte. After a few minutes passes by he pulls up in a Cadillac CTS 2012. Shaninae is extremely impressed, until she sees that he is with...

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