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Characterizations Of “The Help” Essay

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Characterization is the technique that writers use to develop the personality of a character in a movie or book. Characters are revealed in several different ways: speech, thoughts, effects on others, actions, and looks or appearance (STEAL). Dynamic characters are ones that undergo a change from the beginning to the end of a movie or book. Static characters are ones that do not change they stay the same through the story. In all movies and books, there is always a protagonist and antagonist. The protagonist is the character whom through the story overcomes a problem, where the antagonist is considered as the bad or evil person of the story. Round characters are the ones that the writer exposes the most information, you get background and insight into that person.
The movie “The Help” has many characters that the audience or reader experiences. Hilly was the antagonist in this movie. Hilly was a typical southern woman of Mississippi in the 1960’s. She was a racist through ignorance, bitch by design, and she felt entitled to voice her intense opinions of that time. Going so far as to mark her toilet tissue so that she would know if Minnie used her toilet tissue thinking that would let her know if her family was in danger of black diseases. She even lobbied to have separate toilets for the maids that worked for white families. Hilly liked to see herself, as doing well for the black people of Mississippi in the 1960’s never realizing that she was adding to the racial issues of the south. Regardless of the changes that were occurring, all around her, she held steadfast to the ideals of the time.
Aibileen was the dynamic character, both by definition and by action. Aibileen was a black maid that was born in the early 1900’s; she always knew that she would be a maid. She worked for Elizabeth Leefolt, not only was she the maid, but she raised Elizabeth’s daughter, May Mobley. She was more of a mother to the child than her biological mother would ever be. Aibileen took a huge chance by exposing the reality of the southern maids, by doing so she helped to advance the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi....

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