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Characters And Their Weaknesses Essay

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Through the flaws in the characterization of his characters, Shakespeare allows their weakness to manipulate and cloud their judgment. This fundamentally leads to the outcome of the play, with each weakness presenting a conflict that alters the characters fate. Being especially true with the star-crossed lovers, William Shakespeare leads their perfect love into tragedy with these conflicts.
Characterized as a young and rash teenager, Juliet is easily manipulated by the strong love she has for Romeo, ultimately leading to her emotional and physical breakdown. Having no interest in love and marriage at first, Juliet wants to be independent. However, after she first lays eyes on Romeo, Juliet’s perception of love is quick to change. Their strong love easily manipulates and clouds her judgment. Even if she is cautious and realizes their love is too fast, the rush of feelings from having a first love overcomes her. Her soft-spoken words symbolically foreshadow the journey of Romeo and Juliet’s love. “Well, do not swear. Although I joy in thee, / I have no joy of this contract tonight. / It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden;…/ This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, / May prove to be a beauteous flower when next we meet” (2.2. 117-123). The blooming flower is indicative of their growing love, especially Juliet. Being her first experience of true love, her actions become more rash the deeper she falls in, even if she is aware of the consequences. As the flower blooms, so does Juliet’s realization and strength of her love for Romeo. The next meeting is their wedding, where Juliet is taken away by the most powerful of emotions, she becomes fully acceptant of the consequences, and does not think about them any more. As a result of it being unadvised and sudden, the strength of her love quickly develops into one that cannot be broken, leading to tragedy. With the love possessing the ability to be unbroken, Romeo’s banishment mentally breaks down Juliet. Her judgment becomes clouded with thoughts of suicide, and as a consequence of the Friar’s plan failing, she is further destroyed. Juliet’s weakness takes control of her actions when she sees Romeo lying dead next to her. Love clouds her judgment, and she consequently ends her own life with no consent of anyone or thought herself. Juliet’s weakness to be controlled by love leads her to make unadvised and irresponsible decisions that contribute to her choice of ending her life.
Friar Lawrence identified by his faith and human nature, which guides him to do the best thing to help Romeo and Juliet, however his good intentions end in faulty outcomes. He is aware of Romeo’s in and out of love situation and realizes that his and Juliet’s love is not real and is too rash. Out of the kindness of...

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