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As if to assuage the anxieties of the millions of same-sex couples deprived of the right to wed in this nation, here comes "Bride Wars" to make the entire institution of marriage look almost as awful as last year's dreadful "27 Dresses" did.Yes, it's January, so once again it's time to endure a romantic comedy about women who feel less-than without that ring on their finger. The added bonus of "Bride Wars" - assuming you're a misogynist - is that it portrays the contemporary American female as someone who will stab her lifelong friend in the back should said pal stand in the way of a dream wedding. (All of which would be forgiven, of course, if the script made us care about, or even want to laugh at, either of its leads.)Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson, sporting the worst bangs ever) are the chums in question, and ever since childhood they've each dreamed of having a lavish June wedding at New York's legendary Plaza Hotel. (And no, this isn't a period piece; we're to believe that two girls raised in the 1990s outside of a polygamist camp have literally been obsessing their entire lives about walking down the aisle.)Naturally, they both get engaged at the same time, and due to a mix-up with their wedding planner (Candice Bergen, starving for just one funny line), there's but a single day in June available for them. Their fiancés reasonably suggest a double wedding, but sweet Emma, who's a doormat for Liv and any other woman with a personality, stamps her foot and declares that this...

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