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Trip Fontaine is the high school dreamboat. Every girl wants to be him, and every boy wants to be him. Trip returns to town after a summer in Acapulco having shed is baby fat. Everyone wonders what caused Trip’s miraculous transformation from boy to man and he later explains it to the neighborhood boys during their investigation (Griffith). During his stay in Acapulco, a lonely divorcee took an interest in Trip and introduced him to love and alcohol. The neighborhood boys watch in awe as girls flock to Trip’s side. They bake him pies, warm his bed, leave notes inside of his car. Trip’s hedonistic nature sets him against the religious Mr. Lisbon, but also the boys (Hoskin). As virgins, the ...view middle of the document...

Trip picks three of his football friends whom he thinks will impress Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon (Hoskin). Trip announces his choices to Mr. Lisbon, who approves. Trip and the other boys are given strict rules to abide by. They are to always remain in a group, they will go nowhere other than the dance and the girls must be home by eleven, also Mr. Lisbon will be chaperoning at the school (Eugenides 85). While Lux is overwhelmed with joy, the other three girls are less enthusiastic about their dates. When Mr. Lisbon informs them of their dates Mary wonders which boy is taking which girl to which Therese replies. “They’re just going to raffle us off.” (Eugenides 86). Trip and the others arrive at the Lisbon home, giving thumbs ups to the boys eagerly watching across the street. Inside the home, the boys greet the Lisbon parents, while the girls pretend not to be ready. Mrs. Lisbon questions Parkie Denton, the driver, about how long he’s had his license and if he’s ever been in any car accidents. (Eugenides 89).
At the dance, Trip and Lux continually search for some way of being alone, but under the watchful eye of not only Mr. Lisbon but also the other sisters, they often fail. Trip and Lux are announced as Homecoming King and Queen. Later that night, when the dance comes to an end, the group gathers in the car only to realize that Lux and Trip are nowhere in sight. Afraid of being punished, the other girls leave without their sister. At midnight, Lux arrives, alone, in a taxi (Eugenides 101). It is only years later that the boys learns exactly why Lux arrived home 2 hours past curfew. Even years after the event Trip, now locked away in a rehab facility, is extremely reluctant to tell the boys what happened....

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