Characters, Language And Physical Characteristics In I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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Characters, Language and Physical Characteristics in I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

    A past of discomfort and sorrow, loneliness and pain shadowed an innocent girl with so much potential. She lay broken under the weight of her own secret longing, while no one seemed to care. Then, through a thick veil of anguish, Deborah noticed an unfamiliar, yet inviting light sprouting from within herself. Through the open door of this needed world Deborah ventured, drowning in her own relief. The Kingdom of Yr, Deborah's imaginary world, was so intricately created in the darkest corners of her mind that it became real to her. As time passed and Deborah became more desperate for belonging, Yr's bliss was all she lived for.


 The combination of the delicacy and complexity of the imaginary world's complications, characters, fear, love and senses creates an inclination of Yr's reality within the reader. The secret world of Yr, which was introduced in the book I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1964) by Hannah Green, deserves much consideration and attention. Its sophisticated structure makes even the most sane of human beings question their own perception of reality. The author brought the reality of Yr to life through three distinguished elements: characters, language and physical characteristics. Keep in mind, the very essence of reality is what one makes of it.


 Yr portrayed several characters who harbored realistic characteristics. Although most of the characters were considered gods, Deborah was able to see, befriend and interact with them as if they were real companions. Anterrabae, the Falling God, was characterized by his hair of fire and endless decent through the dark midst of Yr. He fell at speeds determined by certain situations and sometimes took Deborah along on his falls. Deborah interacted most often with Anterrabae. In fact, she even shared times of laughter and easiness with this secret image.


 Idat, the Dissembler, or the one who was always in a disguise, was neither a woman nor a man. Many times, Idat appeared to Deborah as a woman of splendid beauty, veiled in candescence. She intended to be somebody that Deborah could model herself after. Lactamaeon, the Black God with cold blue eyes, was often seen riding a horse or as a beautiful bird.


 The Censor, yet another character of the Kingdom of Yr, was originally created to watch over Deborah's words and actions so that the secret world of Yr would not be displayed through her. At first, the Censor protected Deborah from having to bear the agony of mixing the two worlds, Yr and Earth. He made sure Deborah did not speak of Yr, so that the Earth's people would never find out about it. However, somewhere in the space of time, the Censor "became a tyrant" (152). He began to demand Deborah's obedience even when she was not in the presence of Yr. His tyranny was that of a realistic nature, which helps to identify...

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