Charactre Analysis On Mike From The 'honored Society' By Michael Gambino

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Character AnalysisOn Mike from the 'Honored Society' by Michael GambinoMurders, drugs, sex, loyalty, and money are only few words that describe Mike's life. Mike is my favorite character from 'The Honored Society' by Michael Gambino. I really enjoyed reading this book; I have to say it's the best book I have ever read. The reason I am writing about Mike is because he had an amazing life throughout the book. In this book Mike shows us how hard mob life truly is. Mike started out by, growing up with mobsters, having a great love life, making sure he does business, and making a name for himself.When Mike was young, he was already surrounded my mobsters because his dad was head of his mafia ...view middle of the document...

Everything was perfect until the head committee from the Mafia wanted to meet with Mike. They gave Mike the sacred vows into the mafia. When he was accepted he decided that he could not do both business and love Nichole. He decided he would have to let go Nichole in the worst way so she would hate and leave, but it was very hard cause she loved him so much but finally she did. From that day Mike's life was all about business and never to be the same again.Mikes' first test from the mafia came quickly, he was assigned to assassinate another member who violated the rules. Mike handled his task very well, he met up with him at his shop, had a little to drink with him than when he got up he got up behind him pulled a gun to his head than let him turn around and shot him. One thing Mike was not prepared for was all the blood that got on him but he still played it cool, he took the money out of the register broke the front door lock to make it look like a robbery. Mike impressed many of his family members he was always able to produce lots of dollars for him and the family with his slots business. He even always handled Tommy's murders for him because Tommy was never as tough. When Tommy went to jail he was not strong enough to last in there so he made a deal with the feds, that he'll tell secrets about the family if they set him free. The family found out about this so they to assassinate him, Mike said he'll take the job. Even though he knew it was the toughest job he would ever have to do he did with ease but sorrow. He shot Tommy with out saying a single word just one cold stare in his eyes.Mike got his nickname The...

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