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I encountered charity work a portion in my life, and been raised to look up to people who do such a thing, most people have been bread to help people in distress, people in need, who are under them in any type of social status. Some people would use charity to gain for themselves other than the actual people who need it, those people are either deranged or need the money so bad they would do any thing to capture it, but people need to understand that most of the money people give to charities doesn’t even go to the poor, big charity foundations need to keep there advertisement and foundations running, so they take a part of that income to use them for there sources, I don’t say that is a problem, but if charities don’t give money to the poor, is it really a charity? I am trying to find a way for people to get there money to the poor with a trust worthy middle man, I am not saying that other foundations cannot be trusted, it is the problem that people can’t simply trust giving there money to a semi-trustworthy of charity, who would and be the middle man with a middle man.
Another reason why I’m doing this project is because people want to provide support for specific types of people, or who simply want to start there own charity with there own causes and goals, for people who want to simply provide for people with specific sicknesses, for example AIDS/HIV or Lung cancer, or maybe who live in specific areas who need support, like Sierra Leone or New Guinea, because these are the places where there is a lot of poverty, people can barely get a bite of food without doing something drastic, some work in diamond mines, where they get very little money, where the diamond that they just mined was worth one million dollars, they are very poor and needy, charities that provide them with money are very little to the amount that the charity gets for DONATION!, it is horrific and it should be stopped, that money is for the people who need it and not for the people who take it to presumably provide this service to them. My product is going to be a guide on how a person can make a charity without using extra money, I see this is very helpful for people who want to make personal charities or charities who give specific people.


In this project, I had to widen my range of sources; list of source is as follows:

• Attracting sources from the internet:
I had to take to read about my project trying to captivate information and finding some information that can help support my project, one of those are the statistics of some major charities; telling how much do they give to the foundation and how much goes for renovation, personal gain, etc.

• Gaining information from professionals:
I also took a lot of information from interviewing professionals in this field that can support me with their information on the matter; also they helped me by giving me tips on my final product, a guide, they help me by adding things and deducting things...

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