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Charity Should Begin At Home Speech

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Charity Should Begin at Home - Speech

When someone says 'charity' to you, what do you think of? You think of
Oxfam and Red Cross and sending food to far off lands which you know
little about.

Because of this charity is a very misunderstood word. How many of you
here today give or know people who give money to organisations such as
these? I'm sure you could all name a few. Now although I believe that
this is indeed a kind and worthwhile pursuit it believe it slightly
misses the point of charity, these people are happy to give money to
what they believe to be good causes but they do not wish to give time
or have a direct impact. A lot of these people have more than enough
money and so donating to charity has little impact on their lives
other than clearing their consciences and making them feel like better

They are assuming that the western world of today, their world,
countries like Britain and America are rich, safe and enlightened so
that everybody can have a home and enough money to live happily. I put
it to you that this is an extremely naïve and arrogant belief.

There are almost 380,000 people recorded as homeless in the UK today
and many more disadvantaged people such as disabled and single parents
who are currently unable to work, living off government benefits in
poor conditions unable to break out of the poverty trap for fear of
losing these benefits.

A lot of people like ourselves are often happy to blame these people
misfortunes on their own inability to do a good days work like the
rest of us. Once again another extremely arrogant and naïve
speculation made by people who have never had to experience poverty in
their privileged lives.

Now I recognise that almost all of the poor in the UK are still much
better off than...

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