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Charity Without Incentives Essay

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Offering an incentive for a charitable act is not right because the definition of charity is “The voluntary giving of help”. When given an incentive saying “If you donate this you will get this” where is the VOLUNTARY in this situation. It becomes an act where you will only donate if you know that you get something in return and that isn’t volunteering. Previously during the school year there was a Tsunami in the Philippines, people were asked to donate money for a good cause. Our principal Mr. Jones decided that we as a school should help. He offered us the incentive that whoever donated a dollar would be rewarded a dress down day. I had already planned to donate for the cause and when I had heard of this “reward” it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I felt as though we should not be rewarded for doing something out of the kindness of our hearts. It sends the wrong message to children basically saying you don’t have to donate but if you do we will reward you. That teaches children the wrong meaning of Voluntary or Donation.
When it comes to in school in the exchange for grades Incentives aren’t always a good way to help a giving situation. In school I’ve encountered incentives where teachers tell students if you bring in certain supplies you will extra credit. The message that this incentive sends is boosting your grade is easy because you can bring in stuff for extra points. It tells kids basically just work hard enough to get an average grade and bring in extra credit supplies just to make your grade higher. Most children know what their limit is for working. So this gives them a chance to ease up on the work that they are doing. It’s not an effective exchange for a grade.
When you look at a regular charity foundation you don’t often see a sign or hear someone say “if you donate this then we will give you something special”. These organizations are known and many people donate to them because they actually care and want to help. Salvation Army, Red Cross, Toys for Tots these are few of the charities that do not offer an incentive because you donated something....

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